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The Fashion World Has Seen a New Craze with the Environmentally Conscious, Handcrafted and Trendsetting Jewelry

MiKoWoodcraft has set a new craze in the fashion world with their environmentally friendly jewelry. They make stunning rings out of old wood, which is over 75 years of age. They are all hand made making them unique and a perfect gift for a loved one.


Vienna, Austria -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/01/2016 --The fashion world often goes through different phrases where new designs have been brought out that will last a season before the next big thing comes in. However, one fashion design that will not go out of fashion and which has excited fashion lovers and environmentalists is the handcrafted jewelry by MiKoWoodcraft.

MiKoWoodcraft produces men's, and women's jewelry that have been designed by Michael Kosnar, a creative designer, jewel and art enthusiast. He decided to do something different in the fashion world and wanted to use materials that were friendly to the earth and looked great when wearing them. He decided to design rings made out of wood and Tobaccooil, with each piece of wood he uses being a minimum of 75 years old, making the ring an automatic antique.

The rings start from $69 and are made to order within 4 to 7 days. They are all-unique and are carefully made from hand.

When asked about using environmentally material he said:

"So many trees get cut down every year in order to get new wood and veneer. Old unused veneer from really exotic trees gets burned, thrown away or destroyed. The binded CO2 in this veneer is warming up our planet."

Michael Kosnar, does not believe in wasting materials and does not believe in having trees chopped down so he can mass-produce jewelry. Instead he relies on materials that are already available.

When asked how he finds his materials he said: "I am always on the hunt to find beautiful veneer, to save it from being burnt or wasted. There is no wood I can't get."

The rings are waterproof, and some rings are made out of 4600-year-old bogoak, make them even more special. Since the launch of the rings, MiKoWoodcraft has received a great deal of media attention as well as clients from all over the wood. The rings have become a huge favorite with the rich and famous, and with the price of the rings and the jewelry, which includes braclet, amulet, and earrings, starting from $69, they have become affordable for all.

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About Michael Kosnar
He is a creative designer, jewel and art enthusiast, jewelry designer, artisan, and entrepreneur. He was born on the 11th of July 1980 in Vienna and has been producing rings for about five years.

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