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The Fidj Is an App-Enabled Fidget Gadget That Turns Smartphones Into an Epic Spinning Machine


Cincinnati, OH -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/17/2018 --Fidj, the revolutionary new app-enabled fidget gadget that turns smartphones into epic spinning machines, is live on global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and trending fast, having already hit their raise goal in less than a week.

The Fidj blends the digital with the physical to instantly transform smartphones into an interactive and enchanting gadget. With a quick flip, the Fidj utilizes high-speed physics to reduce friction and keep the phone spinning; while the app provides countless hours of mesmerizing visuals, light shows syncing to music, engaging games and more.

"I have a bit of social anxiety, but found the older fidget spinners weren't something I wanted in my pocket. What I found was that the number one thing I fidgeted with was already in my pocket: a phone," says founder and CEO Josh Sears on the inspiration behind the project. "Furthermore, as an app developer, I knew I could take the concept of high-speed spinning device even further. Thus, the Fidj was born."

To get started simply stick the Fidj to the back of any smartphone, and let the fun begin. The Fidj is a patented, unbreakable, scratch-resistant disk that makes it possible to spin effortlessly for minutes at a time. Once users download the free included app, the phone transforms into a mind-blowing spinning device and a playground of interactivity. Dance parties, interactive art, hypnotizing imagery, haptic feedback fidgetry and even smart home interactivity, which allows real-time interaction with lights and bluetooth speakers, are all possible with the Fidj.

While the Fidj is all about having fun, it also offers therapeutic benefits for relieving symptoms of anxiety and A.D.D. Studies show fidgeting can both ease stress and boost productivity. With the Fidj, users can now find relief by discreetly fidgeting anywhere they go. Additional feedback from the Fidj test group confirms a reduction in nervous energy, increased clarity of thought, and found that spinning phones with the Fidj is habit forming in the best of ways, with or without with the additional benefits of the app.

"Fidget spinners didn't really do what they set out to do. Rather than ease anxiety, they became a toy and a passing fad. The Fidj finally provides the solution we've all been looking for: an addictive fidgeting device that is discreet, always with you, and includes an interactive aspect via the feature-packed app," adds Sears.

The Fidj is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter:

About Fidj, Inc.
Founded in 2017, the Fidj has is based in Cincinnati, Ohio. With a team of designers, engineers, and toy-industry veterans who have been in the business since the 90's, they are passionate about creating products that are beneficial and fun, while blurring the line between physical activities and interactive apps.

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