The First of It's Kind Biometric Encryption USB Token with Crypto Wallet

The world's first Multi-Modal Biometric Secured Encryption key with Crypto-Wallet, Smart Card Reader, and Recovery Smart Card! The KeyXentic Smart Token is an elegant and user-friendly all encompassing digital data security solution that creates the NEW STANDARD for personal and professional data protection.


Kila, MT -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/26/2019 --KeyXentic Inc., the developers of the Republic of China's (Taiwan) Citizen Digital E-Passport Smart Card, today introduced The KX906 KeyXentic Smart Token, a Biometric Encryption Token, and the world's first platform free multi-modal bio-authenticated certified secure encryption key which is aimed at individuals, professionals, and Cryptocurrency holders.

The KeyXentic Token combines a comprehensive package of core encryption technologies to secure passwords, emails, files, digital data, PDFs, and cryptocurrency with a bio-secure biometric access controlled identification and authentication secure element. This new groundbreaking proprietary technology will revolutionize the way people secure their data. The Keyxentic Token will be of tremendous value to enterprises, entrepreneurs, business professionals, and small businesses alike. With the Keyxentic Token hardware users can access state-of-the-art encryption software with the press of their finger! "The KeyXentic Token is a vanguard product far more advanced to anything in the marketplace today."

Thousands of individuals and businesses are hacked each year costing billions of dollars. "With the KeyXentic Token users will be able to secure all of their vital data and be able to make completely secure Cryptocurrency transactions. Users will have the power of encrypting all of their vital data at their fingertips."

KeyXentic Inc. is based in Taipei, Taiwan (ROC) and was founded in the year 2000. Until now KeyXentic Inc. has provided government and enterprise cybersecurity solutions. The company's mission is to provide a simple and intuitive data encryption solution for the daily lives of everyday people by using the KX906 Keyxentic Smart Token.

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