The First Safe for Kids Security Device, Bow2Tie Launches on Kickstarter

Now seeking community support on Kickstarter, the device will protect thousands of children at school from being bullied


Baton Rouge, LA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/18/2017 --Marilyn-Diana Davis, the creator of Bow2Tie Personal Alarm Device, has announced that she is now seeking community support on Kickstarter to raise funds for her remarkable invention. Mrs. Davis is a grandmother of 10 grandchildren and a special education teacher. With her patent-pending product, Marilyn-Diana wants to help solve the problem of bullying in schools as well as to provide an extra measure of safety to children. Bow2Tie is a unisex wearable personal alarm with endless features that come in the shape of a bow tie and can be customized for any occasion. It can be worn as a bow by girls, and as a bow tie by boys.

"I have created this device after years of research and hard work to help children, seniors or anyone who needs help." Said Marilyn-Diana Davis, the "Grandma Inventor" of Bow2Tie Alarm Device. " In U.S., 700,000 children are abused physically, emotionally or even sexually each year, and this device will help such children like never before." She added. The inventor has also made a request to the global community for backing her project on Kickstarter to help children worldwide in getting this device. This device not only protects kids from bullying at school but also serves as an additional safety tool for outside of the school (street, date nights, etc).

Now seeking generous support, the Bow2Tie is a gift for everyone, especially for the parents of kids and teens. The product has arrived as a lifesaving blessing for the tougher times. Moreover, there are several great benefits of this lifesaving device. It has several great features including a safety alert button, 85 dB siren (safe for children's ears), rotational clip, bright flashing LED light, key chain loop, space for a custom message or design and most amazingly, it will also offer several color options shortly. The electronic alarm is enclosed in a plastic casing that can quickly transform into a bow or a bow tie thanks to its 360-degree rotational clip. Bow2Tie can be attached to a variety of places such as shirt lapel, button down shirts, purses, book bags, lunch bags, and backpacks. LA New Product Development Team has helped Marilyn-Diana in the developing and building of functional prototypes of this device.

About Bow2Tie
Bow2Tie is an amazing personal security solution for children and adults that may come handy in life-threatening situations. With several styles and color options along with high-tech specifications, the stylish accessory can actually save many children. Electronic components of the device include a coin battery, a speaker, a microcontroller, and a LED light. Both the speaker and the light are activated with a press of a button that is hidden behind the front surface of the device and children can push that button in case of an emergency to call an adult on the spot.

There are several amazing benefits of this amazing invention and the "Grandma Inventor" is now seeking generous support on Kickstarter to make this device available for everyone. The Kickstarter campaign went live on July 18 and everyone is welcome to back with generosity and compassion. Please visit the link below and back her generously to get your own unit of Bow2Tie.