The Flow Bag

The Flow Bag Wants Women to Stop Putting Sand in Their Vaginas


Paducah, KY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/07/2017 --Nearly half of the world bleeds once a month and nearly half of that number do not have access to adequate menstrual hygiene education or products like pads, tampons or cups. Many of these girls and women are reduced to using old newspapers, leaves, rags and sand to inefficiently hold their period blood back. In this suffering, they also endure terrible stigma being deemed untouchable or quarantined for the duration of their menses. This causes girls to miss school or drop out all together, entering them into child marriage, and perpetuates the cycle of gender inequality.

The Flow Bag wants women to get the sand out of their vaginas in the figurative and literal sense. They are a fun yet practical way to carry menstrual necessities while facing taboos.They have funny, quirky designs that are sure to start a conversation. The designs are inspired by phrases women have used as code to say they are on their period out of fear of denigration. The Flow Bag wants women to own it. Time to let it out of the bag!Each bag sold will equip a girl or woman with the education and products she needs and fight the stigma.

The stigma is why women all over the world are opening up on The Flow Bag blog about their menstruation and the issues of their countries. The hope is to open the menstruation dialogue and educate on the problems girls and women are facing.

The challenge The Flow Bag is facing is the funds to start manufacturing. Founder Jessica Lambert is launching an Indiegogo campaign on Febuary 14th to fund the first run of Flow Bags. This will allow prices to be low enough to make the greatest impact for women in the world.

The Flow Bag is a fun yet practical way to carry menstrual necessities while facing taboos. Each bag sold will help fund organizations in the US and abroad that are ending the stigma and other issues with menstrual hygiene.

Founded by Jessica Lambert encourages opening the dialog about menstruation all over the world and raises money for menstrual hygiene with its quirky Flow Bags.