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The Ford Institute Offers the Shadow Process in Los Angeles, CA April 8-10, 2016

The Shadow Process is known as the “last workshop participants will ever need to attend.” The Shadow Process is an ‘evolutionary’ 3 day in-person journey that leaves you basking in the light of your magnificence and dancing in the delight of liberation and possibilities! It is a proven process designed to support you in releasing what’s been holding you back so you can reclaim your self-confidence, joy and energy and live a life of purpose, passion and potential.


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/07/2016 ~ Described as 10 years of therapy in three days The Shadow Process is an internationally renowned transformational workshop created by 3 time New York Times best-selling author Debbie Ford and delivered by Ford Institute CEO and Program Leader Kelley Kosow. This 3-day experiential event has provided life-changing results for thousands of people around the world for over 15 years. A very private and sacred journey, this proven process is designed to support you in releasing what's been holding you back so you can reclaim your self-confidence and joy to live a life of purpose, passion and potential. Connect with your highest self and stand powerfully in a future fueled by your love, confidence, passion, and truth. Join us April 8th - 10th in Los Angeles. Visit to claim your spot.

"NOTHING by any stretch of imagination could have prepared me for the incredibly profound and personal healing experience. Truly, this is a weekend designed to change your life forever. The work is BRILLIANT, the personal transformation process is like nothing I've ever encountered, and the people who show up alongside you are of the highest quality human beings you'll ever find." ~ Rosa, Connecticut

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"It's fascinating that every time that I come to The Shadow see where we start on Friday, Saturday and where we end on Sunday is's beyond words...mind blowing!"
~Vincent Scotto - Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Certified Integrative Coach Professional
Founder and CEO of the Vincent J Salon

In just 3-days this evolutionary process guides you to:

-Uncover the shadows that keep you joyless, stuck, and berating yourself with negative self-talk and doubt
-Learn proven techniques to move beyond your fears
-Recognize the parts of yourself that rob you of love, intimacy and success
-Access your deepest truth so you can make conscious, empowered decisions
-Make peace with your past and the issues that keep you from experiencing your brilliance and take a quantum leap forward

Kelley Kosow, the CEO and Program Leader for The Ford Institute says. "This work helps them see themselves and their life through new eyes. It supports them in breaking out of all of the struggle and into a life and way of being that is beyond anything they ever imagined. They go from paralysis and being imprisoned by their past to dancing in the presence of possibilities!"

See how others have used these proven principles and processes to:

-Shift your perception and break free of unconscious limitations that have driven your choices and behaviors
-Heal your heart from painful relationships
-Learn to unconditionally love and accept all that you can be
-Embrace the power of your authentic self
-Envision a new future and rediscover your passion for life

"Kelley is fiercely devoted to the work and to your transformation. She has a deep understanding of transformational concepts and this shows as soon as she steps on the stage. I feel extremely grateful to call her a mentor and teacher."
~ James, California

About Your Program Leader Kelley Kosow
Kelley Kosow is a Master Integrative Life Coach, CEO & Program Leader of The Ford Institute. She is a leader and teacher of emotional education, shadow work, and personal mastery. In 2007, Kelley joined the Ford Institute staff. She was hand-picked and personally trained by the Debbie Ford to lead her programs and continue the legacy of her life-changing work. Known as a "coach's coach," Kelley works with individuals, groups and corporations worldwide. Kelley is a graduate of Brown University and University of Miami Law School. Kelley has been featured in local and national media. Oprah Magazine named Kelley as someone who could "Dream it, Do it." She has been featured in In Style, People, NY and LA Times, and Conde Nast Traveler. Kelley is working on her first book on Integrity.

Julie Stroud is President and Chief Operating Officer of The Ford Institute, a shadow expert, coach, consultant, and trainer who expertly guides individuals and organizations to discover and experience new realities and extraordinary possibilities.

Fran Fusco is a master communicator, educator, mentor, writer, Master Integrative Coach and the Chief Communications Officer of The Ford Institute.

About The Ford Institute
Founded by 3 time New York Times best-selling author Debbie Ford in 2000, The Ford Institute has helped tens of thousands of people to transform their lives in fulfilling and enriching ways. Employing a highly effective, leading-edge approach based on integrity, authenticity, and clear, direct communication. The Ford Institute is currently run by Kelley Kosow, Julie Stroud, and Fran Fusco, and offers a variety of personal development courses, professional coaching training, and corporate programs. Our students and clients have a strong desire to expand their horizons personally, professionally, and spiritually while seeking to contribute back to the betterment of the world.

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