The Get Qurious Maker Box Kit Spawns a New Way to Play

Every parent values the entertainment and development of their children. Unfortunately, the typical mediums can get stale. Here to help is Get Qurious, an augmented reality storyteller.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/08/2016 --The early years of childhood development are vital to allowing any child to achieve his or her full potential. The key to keeping a young mind entertained is interaction, a value that the traditional medium of reading lacks. This lack of interaction is part of the reason that so many children stop reading for pleasure altogether. On the other extreme, toys and video games alone are too chaotically interactive to properly teach any coherent set of morals. This is where the Get Qurious Maker Box kit comes into play. By merging the structure of reading and the engagement of games, the Get Qurious Maker Box kit is able to effectively gamify education through an augmented reality system.

The kit itself is perfect for kids aged four through nine and works using the nascent technology of augmented reality via an iOS app. Augmented reality allows a camera to be pointed at a specially marked paper and bring drawings on the paper into motion, creating a surreal and animated effect. This industry is currently just in its early years but already projected to surpass eighty billion dollar in market value. (*) With augmented reality the Get Qurious Maker Box kit can actually bring age-old fairy tales to life, providing the needed aspect of interaction.

To complete the experience, the kit includes four main parts. First and most prominent are the story cards that breath life into classic stories. Next are the masks, which allow children to act as characters in the story. On an even deeper level of interaction, there are stickers that enable users to alter and customize the animated stories. And to round out the learning experience there is a set of related puzzles that activate when they are completed correctly. Sadly, this breadth of material requires a non-nominal amount of funds to produce. To remedy this issue the Get Qurious team has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Donators to the cause will be rewarded with a Get Qurious Maker Box kit from the first production batch. With the support of readers Get Qurious will be well on its way to transforming learning and entertainment with augmented reality technology.

To learn more or support the Get Qurious Maker Box kit visit the Kickstarter campaign page.