The Giftbook App Makes Exchanging Gifts as Simple as Sending Texts


Taipei, Taiwan -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/19/2016 --Giftbook, the revolutionary app that makes sending and receiving gifts as easy as sending text messages, is live on Indiegogo and raising funds to bring the project to life.

Giftbook is an amazing app that allows users from around the world to exchange gifts just like text messages. It completely reduces the limits of distance and time when users need to gift anything from a pencil all the way to a sports car rental. Every product and service will be available to order and gift directly through the app. The experience is like carrying the world's gifts right in a user's pocket.

"I am living abroad and eager to send gifts to my friends and family for a variety of different occasions. However, there is no simple solution to make this happen," says founder Victor Khen. "I also feel like pure texting and video calling is simply not enough for me to appreciate my business partners' efforts. But currently, there is also no simple way to do this. So I decided to make one."

The brilliance of the Giftbook is in its simplicity. All stores can register their gifts in it, therefore when users pick a gift for their friend, they choose it around his or hers nearby location from limitless categories. It solves two major issues: time selecting the gift and shipping.

Installing and using the Giftbook App is free. When users purchase an item or service through the app, they can expect to pay no more than 5% of the price compared to retail and competing prices in stores. This small fee goes towards making a frictionless experience and covering overhead and logistics for gifts sent abroad.

Recipients will receive and redeem their gifts through a QR Code provided to them after they have been sent a present. Users will receive a notification that they have been gifted and they will then be able to see their full list of gifts and their locations at stores on a map in their local area.

Each gift has 2 delivery options: pick up from store or delivery. In the gift description, users can find either a Barcode or QR-code (based on location). Once the gift has been picked up or delivered, the store or delivery service will simply scan the code to confirm that delivery has been complete. Users without a smartphone or the app can still redeem the gift by simply printing the barcode or QR code and bringing it to their local store.

"We do not gift not because we do not want, but because there is no simple way to do that. I believe we, all people around the world, need Giftbook, because it is one more essential way to make our lives simpler," adds Khen. "From now whenever we think about giving a gift we will just open the Giftbook and pick one. Even little events like TGIF can be celebrated now with a gift."

The Giftbook App is currently live and available to support on Indiegogo:

About Giftbook
Giftbook is an international company focused on serving people around the Globe by introducing new, amazing way of exchanging gifts. It is being established now.

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