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The GiVE Watch Is the Only Luxury Watch That Gives Back to Those in Need


Provo, UT -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/11/2016 --GiVE Watch, the revolutionary new luxury watch company with a disruptive business model that gives customers the power to support and give back to the organizations of their choice, is live on Indiegogo and raising funds to bring the project to life.

The idea for GiVE Watches came about when Founder and CEO Taylor Brown spent a year in Africa. While there he noticed that people were struggling to meet the basic necessities of life including having a cup of clean water. He then set out along with the help of his siblings to create a product and brand which consumers could make an impact around the world.

GiVE Watch has set out to solve that problem by introducing a disruptive new business model that takes a spin on the classic "buy one, give one" model popularized by several brand on the market. With every watch purchase, users can choose to donate to the charity of their choice."

You've probably heard the phrase, 'Buy a shoe, and we'll donate a shoe,' or, 'Buy one of our glasses, and we'll give someone in need one of our glasses,'" said Brown, "But what if you're not passionate about giving someone glasses? What if someone in your family had cancer? You'd be more likely to want to donate money to a charity that supported cancer treatment for patients in need."

The GiVE Watch brand is built on the principle that quality does not have to be expensive. The company set out to create a luxury watch that does away with the middleman, fancy branding, and costly marketing schemes. After hundreds of hours of researching, the GiVE Watch was born. What resulted was a simple, elegant watch that replaces the ludicrously expensive brand name watches in both quality and price.

To launch, users can initially select from 5 different categories from which their purchase will go into supporting; Water, Hunger, Cancer, Education, and Animals. GiVE Watch is empowering users to make the decision of what cause they want to support with their purchase. The company has teamed up with some of the most well known charities around the world to ensure their profits reach the greatest number of people.

The GiVE Watch is a perfect blend of elegance and durability. It is a minimalist stainless steel design that includes a mineral crystal face, a date window, a genuine leather brand, and waterproof up to 35 feet. To launch the GiVE Watch will be available in 4 colors; White, Grey, Rose Gold, and Black.

The company hopes every time wearers' look down at their watch to remember to think how they can "GiVE your time" to the people around them despite their busy schedule. A watch is a place most people see and think to themselves, "Where do I have to be next?" or, "Am I late?" GiVE built a watch so that when people glanced at the time they would see the word GiVE there and think about how they could make time to help other people amidst their busy schedule. The psychology in helping and doing good starts with their purchase in giving back and proceeds by the symbolism on their wrist.

The GiVE Watch campaign is currently live and available to support on Indiegogo:

About GiVE Watch
GiVE Watch is an innovative Watch Company that GiVES consumers a luxury watch at an affordable rate. The company is centered around helping those in need through out the world that struggle to provide themselves with the basic necessities of life. They do this by allowing their customer the choice, at checkout, to choose where to give the proceeds from their watch purchase to. The customer can choose between 5 categories, and select which category they're most passionate about giving back to. The categories are water, hunger, cancer, education and animal relief. 

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