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'The Good Stuff' Releases New Pimple Popper Tool Kit

High-Quality, Long-Lasting, Nine-Piece Tool Set To Easily Extract Blemishes Now Available On


Chicago, IL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/29/2020 --The Good Stuff, a designer of essential home products, has released a new nine-piece pimple popper tool kit to help users achieve clear, acne-free skin. Now available for sale nationwide on Amazon, The Good Stuff's pimple popper tool kit is a quick and easy solution to extract and prevent blemishes in the comfort of one's home.

"Unlike cheap pimple popper tool kit sets, our stainless steel tools can be used time and time again, keeping your skin spotless and acne-free," said Paul Hersko, CEO of The Good Stuff. "Don't settle for cheap, unhygienic alternatives that could cause infection, choose The Good Stuff because your skin is worth it!"

The Good Stuff's pimple popper tool kit is contained in a leatherette case with an inbuilt compact vanity mirror. Included among the nine-pieces is an acne lancet, blackhead tweezers, and seven distinct blackhead extraction loop tools, all made of high-quality and durable, 100% stainless steel that are also ergonomic and comfortable to use. With a wide range of extraction loop options, users will always find the perfectly shaped loop for their specific needs.

Superior to competing extraction tools made of cheap, rust-prone, and bendable electroplated carbon steel, The Good Stuff's stainless steel tools are incredibly durable and designed to be used for the long-run. Furthermore, in comparison to blackhead removal vacuum tools on the market, The Good Stuff's tools continue to be superior. Along with being unreliable and more expensive, vacuum products can cause facial bruising from strong suction and are difficult to clean, thereby making them unhygienic.

With The Good Stuff's pimple popper tool kit, users can easily and instantly eliminate blemishes including blackheads, whiteheads, comedones, and acne, leaving skin free of blemishes. Ahead of using the tool kit, begin by steaming one's face to allow for facial pores to open for a pain-free experience. Per each blackhead location, select the angled head most suitable to extract the blemish. Following each use, the stainless steel tools are simple to sterilize in either boiling water or with a cleansing tablet in water.

The Good Stuff's pimple popper tool kit is priced at $9.95 USD on If buyers are unsatisfied with the kit for any reason, they are eligible for a full refund within the first 30 days.

For more information and to purchase The Good Stuff's pimple popper tool kit, visit or