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The Guardian Launches on Indiegogo

The Guardian is launched as a genius pairing of innovation and safety.


Hackensack, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/22/2015 --Charlie Gomez has just released a new project called "The Guardian." The project is now up on for everyone to see and be a part of. As many can probably relate there has been an epidemic lately in children and pets dying in hot cars. So The Guardian is a device that will alert the driver when the car is getting too hot. This campaign is showcasing the project in a unique way. The backers are able to get an inside look at how this idea came to realization and become part of the conversation on its future. Anyone who has a passion for car safety will be interested to see how this works.

To realize growth and reach future users the creator has chosen crowdfunding as a platform for to get the word out. The crowdfunding process will allow the creator to see users reactions and help facilitate societal involvement. Crowdfunding is a fantastic and relatively new way of gaining exposure but the team is positive that this will be the key to their success. The goal of this campaign is to reach those who share the vision of eliminating car fatalities, wants to share ideas, and create a community of like-minded individuals who are interested in collaboration with the founders.

The team did a really good job at providing perks that speak to their funders. With this campaign the backer can buy an exclusive product that will be available before anyone else.

The founder says, "We're confident that these efforts will bring to people something they didn't even know was missing. It will seamlessly fit into the hot car safety measures culture. This will guarantee that people can be more than they ever imagined when they are more informed."

"We're really excited to be launching our campaign", says Charlie Gomez. "With simple features and an intuitive design, the device is something anyone can use to jumpstart this campaign." Take a comprehensive look at what this groundbreaking project is all about.

For more information, visit:

And for those who cannot help with donations, they know how far a Facebook "Like" or "Share" can travel. Every little bit counts so contributions in other ways are welcomed.

Charlie Gomez
Developer, The Guardian
Hackensack, NJ 07601