The Hands Movement

The Hands Movement - The Non-Profit Uniting a Nation and Inspiring Love for Music

Brave participants are joining to set aside their fears, inhibitions, and preconceived notions to find the music inside of them, and in turn contribute to something much larger than themselves.


Boston, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/02/2015 --The Book of Rites by Confucius wisely states that "Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without. This vision is shared by Musicians' Playground who are staging a non-for-profit social movement, uniting people from all backgrounds and community groups to join hands for the love of music. Known simply as 'The Hands Movement', Musician's Playground founder Alyssa O'Toole hopes to achieve equal accessibility to music in every corner of the globe, no matter age, social ability or skill level. The association's central concept: Unity among people achieving happiness through making music, is being demonstrated through an alternative approach in an attempt to break down preconceived notions and barriers to making music.

Alyssa has recently launched a Kickstarter Crowdfunding campaign to raise the funds necessary to continue sharing the Hands experience, and to promote participation in the movement.

Visit 'The Hands Movement' Kickstarter Campaign.

The Hands Movement began in 2014 in the City of Boston, Massachusetts. Alyssa called upon the spontaneous bravery of fifty people and asked them to learn and play a small part of a song on a piano that she had placed in the middle of a busy public courtyard. The fifty people included all ages, skills levels and backgrounds, but required the fundamental attribute, courage, to set aside fears and inhibitions as each of their parts was recorded in video format. The combination of recorded contributions together created one musical piece in its entirety, and proved the simple, beautiful and ever-necessary concept: There is no such thing as a musician or non-musician, too late or too early, or any amount of inadequacy or inexperience that can stop us from feeling the happiness of making music as human beings.

Each participant felt the satisfaction of realizing an individual accomplishment as well as the fulfilment of contributing to something much larger than themselves. The initial video was featured on Fox News after the Youtube upload ( and became viral with over forty thousand views in less than two months.

About The Hands Movement
Utilising social media hype and the power of people, The Hands Movement demands that we as a population unify and reconsider the barriers to music making. Music should be enjoyable for everyone, and Hands are raising funds to continue sharing their message and offering experiences to those who are willing. With the funds raised through Kickstarter Alyssa plans to take The Hands Movement to cities across the nation and further affect the lives of countless individuals in incredible ways.

Visit 'The Hands Movement' Kickstarter Campaign to join the movement and bring the enjoyment of music to everyone.