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The Hawker 400XP Series Has Various Benefits for Business and Personal Use


Cornelius, NC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/25/2020 --Corporate Fleet Services has an impressive inventory of private jets that include hawker jets for sale. The Hawker 400XP series is a great option not only for business use but personal use due to its versatility, spaciousness, and speed.

For years, Hawker aircraft aviation has impressed private aircraft owners with its many benefits. Reaching 100 years of business in 2020, Hawker aviation has become a household name amongst pilots and private jet owners. In addition to reputation, there are many reasons why private jet owners choose the Hawker 400XP for their private aviation choice.

First, the Hawker 400XP series offers versatile style and class. With a modern design built for function, this Hawker jet supports frictionless movement inside the cabin, promoting free movement and comfort. Supporting 7 passengers, this attractive private jet is an ideal private aircraft for personal and business use.

Secondly, the Hawker 400XP series offers a spacious cabin with more height and shoulder room than traditional models. With 305 cubic feet of space inside the cabin, passengers can move liberally and enjoy nearly 5 feet in width and over 15 feet in length. Compared to other models, hawker jets for sale are substantially more spacious in length, width, and height.

Thirdly, the Hawker 400XP series is known for its speed and efficiency. With maximum cruise speed at 450 knots, this lightweight business jet can get passengers from point A to point B with ease and efficiency. Reaching altitudes of 45,000 feet, this sleek model glides through the air with ease, making it one of the most sought after Hawker jet models.

The Hawker 400XP series is a great option for business and personal use due to its versatility, space, and speed. It's no wonder private jet buyers seek Hawker jets for their exclusive private aircraft option.

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