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The Heart of Shaolin Documentary to Give Viewers Rare Look Inside Shaolin Temple, Birthplace of Kung Fu in China

Production underway for independent documentary about Shaolin Temple & Kung Fu.


Orlando, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/12/2019 --The Heart of Shaolin brings Shaolin Temple and life there today to into focus. What makes Shaolin Kung Fu so special that it has spread around the globe? What is life like today for the monks, students, and others at this 1500-year-old temple? Like the rest of the world, Shaolin Temple, its monks, and practices are changing as quickly as the Internet. Technology and contemporary life experienced by those involved with the temple will be looked at in the documentary. The film follows several individuals who study and live at the Shaolin Temple; stories rooted in modern life and the temple's culture and traditions.

Directed by Dr. Hongyun Sun of the Beijing Film Academy in China, The Heart of Shaolin strives to give viewers a unique perspective on the art of Kung Fu, its connection to Ch'an Buddhism, the monks, students and others who are at Shaolin Temple today.

J R Martin Media Inc. in Orlando, Florida aims to raise $215,000 through the documentary's Kickstarter campaign. The pledge drive is an all-or-nothing campaign that will end on Saturday, March 23rd. The film is in production now and the raised funds will allow The Heart of Shaolin to be finished and distributed internationally.

According to Emmy award-winning writer/producer Jim Martin, at J R Martin Media, about twenty-one more days of filming are needed to complete shooting this spring. Once the final scenes are shot, editing and post-production will be completed in the summer. The Heart of Shaolin is expected to be ready for distribution by the late fall of 2019.

Director Hongyun Sun began production on The Heart of Shaolin in early 2018. She plans to showcase all four seasons at the Shaolin Temple in the documentary to give viewers an idea of what life and the mountain environment are like throughout the year.

Backers can make a pledge for as little as $10 to help the filmmakers to achieve their funding goal. There are nine pledges available, offering an assortment of rewards ranging from sneak previews, T-shirts and DVD's to digital streaming of the finished documentary.

Donors to the project can find out more about The Heart of Shaolin and become a backer at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/853163171/the-heart-of-shaolin/description. For more information about the film, please visit https://heartofshaolin.com/.

About The Heart of Shaolin
The Heart of Shaolin is the moving story of the people who live and work at Shaolin Temple. A story they tell in their own words and actions. The documentary provides a unique perspective on Shaolin Temple.  It's a view from the inside looking out.  At the same time, the film explores the continuing practice of world-famous Shaolin Kung Fu and its connection to Ch'an Buddhism. Ch'an Buddhism is Chinese Buddhism that began at Shaolin Temple, which over time, migrated to Japan where it became known as Zen. 

Contact details
Film: The Heart of Shaolin
Website: https://heartofshaolin.com/
Kickstarter campaign: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/853163171/the-heart-of-shaolin/description
Email: JR@jrmartinmedia.com (Media); sunhos88@theheartofshaolin.com (Director)

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