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The Hercules Pier Watch Is a Strikingly Large Timepiece That Makes No Apologies


Singapore -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/05/2017 --Big, bold, and strikingly robust; the oversized Hercules from Pier Watches is a sophisticated lume pilot watch that makes no apologies for its loud presence. The timepiece is currently live on Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life.

The Hercules is a big watch designed for big personalities. Its minimalist, yet sophisticated design makes this piece stand out for more reasons the noticeable heft and weight that it packs on the wrist. Boasting a full glow in the dark dial backed up with a robust Swiss movement, the Hercules is an oversized timepiece that will undoubtedly draw more than its fair share of attention.

"After owning several normal sized watches, it became really boring. They're everywhere," says Micheal Chang, co-founder of Pier Watches. "We really wanted to make something uncommon in the watch industry. So we created this monster watch which challenges the market trend of small watches."

The idea of Hercules was born through inspiration from one of the biggest air planes ever built, Hughes H-4 Hercules. The plane was build in 1947 and is so large that it is still considered an engineering behemoth to this day. The plane's 219 feet length is almost as long as a modern day Airbus A380 and its wingspan is longer than a football field. Yet this monster plane is mostly made out of wood - a very simple material.

The Hercules measures an impressive 50mm and constructed from the industry standard of 316L stainless steel. The watch is 13mm thick and is 54mm lug to lug. There is no mistaking it, the watch is massive and proud of it.

The watch has also been designed with standout glow in the dark dial which buzzes with a beautiful blue hue when dark outside. The Hercules is also available in 4 different finishes; stainless steel, sand blasted, PVD gun metal and PVD black.

While decidedly uncompromising in size, Pier Watches has taken a minimalist approach to the Hercules both in design and engineering. The dial is clean, slick, and uncluttered; and the crown crafted round so no sharp edges remain. Swiss movement is at the heart of the Hercules meaning the timing accuracy will be down to the seconds for years to come.

"This was a global issue that needed to be solved. Big expensive watches with ugly designs. There are a lot of people who like big watches. However, they choose not to get them because they are an eyesore anytime you glance down at the wrist," adds Edwin Ho, co-founder of Pier Watches. "The dial color is off. The design of the case is weird. There is so much cluttering on the dial that sometimes it hard to tell the time with a quick glance. The Hercules solves all of this and more."

The Pier Watches Hercules currently live and available to support on Kickstarter: http://kck.st/2sxkV4E

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