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The Hillary Wins VR Experience: Experience a Sort of Happy Ending in Virtual Reality

A new virtual reality experience has been launched by VR Retreat to help deal with the shocking election result that is set to put Donald Trump in office.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/21/2016 --The United States of America is officially in mourning after businessman, Simpson Character and former reality star won the election to become the 44th President of the United States. Newspapers around the world and CNN have reported how people are suffering from depression due to the news and how people are taking to the street to protest. To combat the shock and the distress the election result has caused and to put people in a positive place and remove them from reality; VR Retreat has launched a positive reality experience where Hilary Clinton won the elction.

VR Retreat ( that help people to explore beautiful environments and play relaxing and chilled out games or simply be somewhere else understand how important it is for people to feel relaxed after the Donald Trump election result. After following the election and becoming shocked like millions of others and fearing for the future when Donald Trump becomes the 44th President of the USA, the virtual reality experts decided to build a mindfulness-based and psychedelic VR game for people who want to escape reality.

A spokesman for VR Retreat said: "Let's be honest. Few people expected what happened. Maybe it's time to retreat from reality and continue our lives in virtual reality from now on."

When reporters have spoken to voters and asked them how they are feeling, many have said they feel like they are living in a nightmare. Some have said including celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, Cher, and Samuel L Jackson that they plan to leave the USA and move to another country such as Canada. While others have said, they wished they could be taken out of reality and pretend the election result was different and Hilary Clinton was the 44th President.

"The fun part is that some people suggested they would not like to stay in our normal reality now and would like to retreat into virtual reality forever. So we decided to build this short VR experience in which you can just sit in a room and watch a news TV channel that announces Hillary has become president," said a spokesman for VR Retreat

Thanks to VR Retreat and their Hillary Wins VR Experience ( people can pretend that Donald Trump, the man with no political experience did not win the election and smile at the news that Hilary Clinton won. The experience will put a smile on people's faces and reduce how unsettled they feel and show how virtual reality can put people in a positive experience.

"If people want to escape reality then why not have an alternate reality with different outcomes. That helps people who are still stuck in the denial phase and don't feel like this has happened. It is a humorous experience," explained a spokesman

The Hillary Wins VR Experience has gained worldwide attention and become viral on social media for putting a smile on people's faces. With the powerful technology that VR Retreat can produce in providing a virtual reality experience, it means people can live in a positive world and remove the stress of the real world.

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