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The HolyClip Key Holder Ensures Keys Are Always in Sight and Never Lost Again


Buena Park, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/07/2016 --HolyClip®, the revolutionary new key holder that ensures consumers can always find their keys, is live on Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life.

Keys are often buried somewhere inside the purse or hidden in one of the many purse pockets. It's a daily frustration for ladies to find keys in their purses especially when they are late for work, school, or appointment. It's also very dangerous for them trying to find their keys in a dark empty parking lot. And many times, it is very stressful for moms holding a crying baby in one arm and trying to fish out the keys from tons of stuff out of their purse. The HolyClip ® is a product designed to solve all of those problems with a smart design that conveniently clips keys for maximum accessibility.

The HolyClip®, is a fun and stylish product designed to blend in with the artistry and beauty of jewelry. The product is available in long and short models in several different fun colors that look stylish and some that pop including matte black, pink, purple, and silver. HolyClip® looks classic and is versatile to stand out attached to a purse, jeans, backpack, and anything else that fits a wearer's style and makes finding keys a breeze. The HolyClip® is designed for use by men and women.

In addition to helping people find their keys easily and its unique look, HolyClip® is well-engineered. The bean bead contour of the HolyClip® with an inverted opening gate makes it easy to open as the finger naturally slides and pushes on the inside of the bean contour. But the keys stay on the inside of the HolyClip® since the key chain presses from the inside on the gate, thus keeping it closed. It is this intuitive design that makes the HolyClip® the easiest and best solution on the market for managing keys.

"Five years ago as I recovered from cancer surgery, one of the problems I faced was finding my keys. I have come to realize that it is a common problem and frustration," says owner and founder of the company Kelly Tong on the inspiration behind the project. "As I had the opportunity to observe, research and create, HolyClip® was developed to help people enhance the quality of their daily lives."

The HolyClip® Key Holder is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter: http://kck.st/2ea4x2E

About HolyKel Inc.
HolyKel Inc is a women-owned company based in Orange County, California. We focus on innovation, sales and marketing, bringing new and unique products to help solve people's problems. HolyClip® key holder is one of our patent pending products. It is so unique that it works and matches well for both men and women. Reliability, innovation, quality, and inspiration are our specialty.

For more information on HolyClip® please visit http://holyclip.org/