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The Importance of the Local Butcher


Blackburn, Lancashire -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/11/2013 --Following the scandal that shook a large percentage of the United Kingdom and even Europe, butchers have been faced with a growing number of customers as consumers are choosing to place their trust in them. This is great news for any local butcher, who may have been facing closure if their sales didn’t make a rapid turnaround.

Not only is this good news for the butcher, it is also great for consumers. The time honoured tradition of visiting a butcher for your meat and watching them work their magic with a butcher’s knife was becoming a less frequent image. However, following the horsemeat scandal there has been a huge turnaround, which may not be the case if the public choose to place their trust once more in huge supermarket chains.

While the scandal seems to have settled, it is still fresh in many minds. The media coverage seems to have died down and eventually it is possible that the horsemeat issue will be forgotten. This means it is more important than ever for butchers to hold on to their clients, not only for the sake of sales but also for public interest.

It is possible that processed meat could in fact lead to an earlier death due to the health defects that accompany eating too much salt, present in a lot of processed food. Diets centred on meats such as sausages and bacon may in fact increase the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Food experts have come out and said that presently there is no link between where the food has come from and what is on the plate. Burgers can be created with a butcher’s mincer and doesn’t have to come out of packet. However this seems to be time consuming, making it unappealing to those with busy lifestyles. Butchers all over the country are being encouraged to visit schools in order to educate children about the meat they are consuming.

Unfortunately, our current economic climate makes it more difficult for people to pay extra for the food they are buying; however the food we consume should in fact be a priority. When you visit a local butcher you can watch him produce the meat with his tools and commercial butchers block, you can be sure of the origin of the meat. The trust you get when buying from a local butcher cannot be matched.

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