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The Importance of Wholesale Cardboard Boxes for Vancouver Businesses

Vancouver box manufacturers show how choosing the right box improves the shipping experience.


Richmond, BC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/12/2021 --Ecommerce is a growing trend. Thousands of new businesses are popping up, shipping their merchandise across the country and around the globe. Packaging is one of the most imperative steps businesses can take to ensure merchandise arrives undamaged and intact—and one of the best solutions is wholesale cardboard boxes. For more, go to https://racerboxes.com/boxes/

There are three distinct advantages to choosing cardboard boxes for shipping: protection, branding, and cost.

1. Protection

Cardboard boxes are made of a thick layer of material that works to protect the products stored inside. The most important step is to find a suitably sized box that works to snugly hold the contents in place. Good sizing works to reduce potential impact (while cutting the cost of packing peanuts and environmental impacts). Make sure to pay attention to the little details to maximize the security of shipping products to customers.

2. Branding

A pretty logo, a cool slogan, a little box printing can maximize brand impact. By leveraging box printing services (a feature at Racer Boxes) business owners can make a favorable and lasting impression on customers with a stand-out service. After all, unboxing is part of the experience, so make sure it counts.

3. Cost

Sure, there are more beautiful solutions than wholesale cardboard boxes, but how much is it possible to spend before eating into the bottom line. Wholesale cardboard boxes are a cost-effective investment. By purchasing in bulk quantities it's possible to cut costs while meeting customer demands. If storage is a concern, Racer Boxes can set-up scheduled small-batch deliveries to make sure supplies are always on hand, without being underfoot.

To learn more about ordering wholesale cardboard boxes, contact Racer Boxes in Vancouver. Racer Boxes caters to businesses in BC, Canada, and Washington State, US. Get top-quality corrugated cardboard boxes customized for any business or shipping needs.

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