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The Karib Life Stainless Water Bottle Makes Taking Your Hot Beverages to Your Cold Events Possible

The Cold whether is coming, be sure your hot beverages stay hot as you cheer for your team.


Canton, GA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/16/2016 --In the United States, cold weather is upon the nation and cold-weather sporting events are extremely popular. But keeping your drinks hot in the extreme weather is basically impossible – or it was until the Karib Life insulated stainless steel water bottle came out.

This product is at the forefront of drinking bottle technology and the company behind the bottle, Caribs One, is going to be an industry leader in very short order. The tech behind this Stainless Steel Water Bottle is simply astounding and is going to change the way that people look at beverage containers in the future. In fact, other manufacturers are probably already looking for ways to compete with the Karib Life bottle and make their own products keep beverages hot or cold for hours like this one does.

This is definitely going to be helped by cold-weather events during these winter months. Hockey, football and racing are just a few of these sporting events where there is a need for the Karib Life bottle. People attend these events bringing water bottles and coffee containers that last for a very short period of time – sometimes minutes – before the beverage inside starts to get cold. This doesn't have to happen anymore. People can attend these cold events for hours without worrying that their coffee or cocoa is going to get cold.

This isn't just for sporting events either. Going caroling in the snow for the Christmas holiday generally includes cocoa afterward to warm everyone up. Now, everyone can take their cocoa with them and stay out in the weather for longer. Kids can take the Karib Life bottle with them to school in the winter months, filled with hot apple cider or hot chocolate.

There is a major need for this product and it has come just in time for the cold weather. Besides keeping beverages hot, even the temperature is below freezing, the Karib Life bottle has features like a coating to prevent scratches, a lid-straw that comes in three different colors – all of them with each bottle – and a handy strap so you don't have to carry the bottle around.

Amazon shoppers can purchase the Karib Life Stainless Steel Water Bottle with Straw on Amazon. The product retails for $28.97, but for a limited time customers can save an additional 20 percent by entering code NZ5VT837 at checkout. All purchases are backed by Caribs One Company's 100-percent money back guarantee, which promises a full refund if dissatisfied.

About Karib Life
The company behind this innovative product is Caribs One. They are positioned to be leading the water bottle industry in the near future and that is after only releasing a single product. Keep an eye out for new releases in the future.