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The KOBRA Flash Modifier System Enables Photographers to 'Paint with Light, Not Spray'


Irvine, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/15/2017 --KOBRA, the revolutionary new flash modifier system that allows photographers to 'paint with light, not spray,' is live on global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life.

Even with the advanced technology of today's cameras, low light conditions subject images to movement or noise. In most cases, there are no white walls or ceilings to bounce off of. That is where the "KOBRA Flash Modifier" is a game-changer by allowing photographers to bring the wall with them everywhere.

The objective of the KOBRA is to bounce light off the internal reflector before it hits the subject. This renders a pleasing three-dimensional quality to the light which produces softer shadows, skin tones and fabric. To further enhance the user's experience, KOBRA has a refreshing, cutting-edge look without the need of the weight and bulk of powerful "Earth Magnets," or noisy "Hook & Loop" attachment systems.

"The KOBRA was made to give photographers an effective flash modifier solution that is lightweight, flexible and with an attractive design," says creator Paul McKelvey. "As a professional photographer, I have used all the "on camera flash" modifiers that are available and have been unsatisfied with the results. I decided to stop complaining and make my own."

The KOBRA Flash Modifier is molded from a high-grade, flexible, light diffusing clear silicone that is not affected by high or low temperatures. This allows the KOBRA to bounce back to its originally molded shape after folded from storing in a camera bag. The KOBRA gets its backbone from the patent pending built-in reflector. The reflector bounces the light forward through the clear silicone, acting as a second layer of diffusion, giving the photographer the ability to "paint with the light, not spray."

The KOBRA has a brand new, patent-pending, state-of-the-art attachment system. It comes with a unique multitasking silicone band, which not only grips and holds the KOBRA but also the color gel system. Due to its silicone grip and flexibility, it is simple and self-contained, fitting most flash heads. It needs no other magnetic or hook & loop attachments.

The KOBRA gel system comes with six pre-cut colored gels and is configured so users can still use their favorite color gels by using the gel holder as a template and cutting their preferred color gel to match its shape.

"After years of research and development and working in the field with multiple 3D prototypes it is exciting to move forward with the release of a production version of the KOBRA flash modifier," adds McKelvey.

The KOBRA Flash Modifier is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter:

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