The Latest Flip Book Maker 3D PageFlip Professional Version 1.6.9 Is Updated in June 2013

3D PageFlip Professional is great flip book maker provided by 3dpageflip.com. The software is now updated to version 1.6.9, screensaver feature and freeware is upgraded to the latest version.


Guangzhou, Guang Dong -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/17/2013 --The Version 1.6.9 of the 3D PageFlip Professional flip book maker has been updated in June 2013. The new version of the software is designed to provide users with more features and better performance. With this tool, individuals can create different kinds of multimedia contents in various pages such as three-dimensional (3D) video, 3D product present, and 3D image Sphere gallery.

Flip books are one of the most essential products that have benefited from digital technology. They help users find the content that they need with ease, making their reading habit a more memorable experience. Moreover, users can also benefit from interactive documents that are embedded with different multimedia features such as pictures and videos. The latest version of the 3D PageFlip Professional boasts excellent features that would make it easier for users to import, publish, and upload flip books.

Generally, 3D PageFlip Professional is being used to convert files in PDF, Microsoft Office, and OpenOffice formats into to 3D eBooks. One important feature of this new version is that it supports the publishing of flip books as screensavers. Added benefit is that users are given the opportunity to design they own screensaver based on their needs and preferences.

The release of the updated version of 3D PageFlip Professional flip book maker also comes with an additional freeware that can help users to easily read 3D flipbook using their Android devices. Interested individuals who want to avail this free tool can download it at its website as well. Aside from these, various issues in showing YouTube video thumbnail and in setting the page size are fixed in this new version.

After converting the files, users will receive 3D flash magazines that will enable them to spin the flip book in 360 degree panoramic template, experience reading a digital flip book that has a page turning effect, and even play background music.

Creating flip books using this latest version of 3D PageFlip Professional is much easier than using other tools or software. Individuals just need to import the PDF files that they are going to convert, design their flip book, edit the page, publish the eBook, and upload it online.

3DPageFlip Software Co. Ltd is a company that is known for providing quality tools for creating 3D eBooks as well as 3D eBook conversion tools. 3D PageFlip Professional is the featured product of the company.

Software engineer Oliver Tsai said:" 3DPageFlip team dedicate to provide the best digital magazine making software. We are even trying to improve our technology to help users create e-books more realistic and seamless."

For more details about the latest version of 3D PageFlip Professional, visit http://www.3dpageflip.com/pageflip-3d-pro/. The freeware 3D PageFlip Reader can be also fond easily on 3DPageFlip website.