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The Law Offices of Vincent W. Davis & Associates Takes the Fear out of Dealing with the IRS

With seven offices in Southern California the Law Offices of Vincent W. Davis & Associates provides ample tax assistance for what can often be an Intimidating process.


Arcadia, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/05/2014 --For those lost in an intimidating maze of tax returns, tax liens, and various other tax concerns the Law Offices of Vincent W. Davis & Associates offers clients safety in the storm. Without hesitation, if left to manage tax resolution on one’s own details can be overlooked due simply to inexperience. Thankfully Vincent W. Davis & Associates has the expertise in tax assistance via their team of lawyers and an IRS enrolled agent. They have over 30 years of combined legal experience. Providing one-on-one appointments with tax lawyers the firm is dedicated to resolving tax issues while giving their clients confidence in the process.

Vincent W. Davis, Managing Attorney at Vincent W. Davis & Associates said of the tax assistance his firm provides, “It’s a staggering statistic that says one in six Americans are in some kind of trouble with the IRS. Living with the stress of that load is unnecessary. Our team is skilled at solving tax issues. To put it simply, we help stop the IRS.”

Addressing what most clients describe as a “bottomless pit” of tax problems Davis and his team considers those who have been hard hit by joblessness and downsizing. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding tax issues Vincent W. Davis & Associates says the first step is to contact the IRS to avoid liens, levies and wage garnishment. Thankfully the Southern California tax attorneys can contact the IRS on their client’s behalf. Davis adds, “We have dealt with many of the key IRS employees and they are familiar with our lawyers and staff. This familiarity allows us to effectively intervene on our client’s behalf and hopefully get their issues resolved in record time.”

The tax resolution lawyers at Vincent W. Davis & Associates provide a no-obligation, confidential consultation for potential clients and make themselves available for evening and weekend appointments. The firm has seven Southern California law offices located in Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino and Orange Counties. But we also represent clients on a National basis.

About Law Offices of Vincent W. Davis & Associates
Vincent W. Davis & Associates is a law firm experienced in tax concerns. The firm’s tax attorneys and enrolled agent have over 30 years of combined legal experience to assists clients throughout Southern California and the United States. Tax attorneys and the IRS enrolled agent help clients with back taxes, unfiled tax returns and IRS tax audits. The firm also handles bank levies and the termination of wage garnishments as well as numerous other tax services.

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