The Leading Cryptocurrency Exchange Opens DeFi Week


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/17/2020 --Since 2020, DeFi has been a hotspot in crypto space, with the trend of getting hotter and hotter. DeFi itself contains a great deal of controversy, some people think it is a subversion of traditional finance, the impact is positive. There are also many who believe that DeFi is currently underdeveloped and that many technical problems have not been solved. Too much optimism about DeFi would have given many investors the wrong direction and led to big losses.

As one of the mainstream exchanges, opened a DeFi activity week today (August 17), which includes the opening of high-quality DeFi project subscription activities, holding AMAs in the's APP hot chat group, and popular DeFi connotation and technology.

According to the official announcement, will open the first DeFi project SWFTC subscription at 18:00-18:30 in the ZAPP of's APP today at 18:00-18:30, and the purchase will be carried out at a 12% discount.

About SwftCoin (SWFTC)
SwftCoin is the platform currency of SWFT Blockchain's cross-chain decentralization (DeFi) currency exchange platform (swap), and is the earliest DeFi concept platform currency. SWFT supports DeFi currency exchange and CeFi currency exchange, as well as decentralized payment and wallets, as well as the distribution of digital currency red envelopes in mainstream community media around the world, including WeChat, Twitter, Facebook, and Telegram. SWFT is invested by Draper Dragon, a top-tier venture capital in Silicon Valley in the US, and its cross-chain flash swap API has been embedded in dozens of wallets around the world, including Ledger, Maizi, Tokenpocket, Ellipal, Atoken, etc. And in-depth cooperation with more than 200 industry ecology such as Circle Centre, Dash, Hydro, Tron, etc. SWFT Pay is a one-stop cross-blockchain transfer platform, praised by the Silicon Valley media as the "Next Generation Blockchain Global Transfer Protocol". In addition, the American technology magazine The Technology Headline also named SWFT Pay as "the most noteworthy fast-growing cryptocurrency solution provider in 2018"! SWFT Pay's unique cross-chain algorithm integrates blockchain and artificial intelligence technology, which can realize pairwise exchange of any currency, and automatically obtain the optimal exchange price. This technology has applied for a patent to the USPTO. Using the platform token SwftCoin, you can enjoy low and transparent handling fees, and bring users a simpler, faster, and safer ultimate cross-chain flash swap experience. The SWFT Pay application eliminates market friction, reduces transaction costs and enhances security. Users can choose two digital currencies for real-time exchange through up to 160+ digital currencies on the platform. The process is simple and fast. The average conversion time is only 9s. It is praised by foreign media as "PayPal in the blockchain world"! The full name of SWFTC is SwftCoin, which is the cryptocurrency used for SWFT pay cross-chain flash exchange transactions and the clearing of aggregated payment networks. You can enjoy many discounts when using SWFT to pay transaction fees. Another potential of SWFTC comes from the fact that as application scenarios increase, the value of SWFTC will continue to rise when the total amount is limited. Choosing SWFTC as the first token of the event week, we can clearly feel that has been rigorously audited when listing. The listed token requires time precipitation and user accumulation. Interested investors can pay attention to the SWFTC subscription activity of According to the official announcement, will start the subscription activity in the "DeFi Express" under ZAPP in the's APP at 18:00 on August 17, 2020, Hong Kong time. Investors are requested to prepare in advance. Log in to the official website and check the announcement to clarify the conditions of the subscription activity. Investment is risky, so be cautious when entering the market.