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"The Lucky 7 Find" Family Discovers an Eighth Additional Rare Ty Cobb Baseball Card

MINT State Presents “The Lucky 7 Legacy”


Myrtle Beach, SC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/15/2018 --Some guys have all the luck.

MINT State, a PSA Authorized Dealer specializing in rare, high-grade sports cards, presented in March, 2016 what was quite possibly the single greatest sports card discovery of all-time: The Lucky 7 Find. The 1909-11 T206 White Border Ty Cobb red background portrait variation featuring the "Ty Cobb Tobacco" back, with only 15 known examples at the time, is by far the rarest of the set's various tobacco brand backs. Rick Snyder, owner of MINT State, was contacted by a family going through their great-grandparents' dilapidated house in a rural southern town. Seven Ty Cobb baseball cards were found on the floor, face down at the bottom of a torn paper bag. All seven cards featured a reverse design, commonly referred to as the Ty Cobb back, which proclaimed Cobb to be the "King of the Smoking Tobacco World."

By April, 2017, Snyder had sold all seven cards using MINT State's direct sales method, yielding a staggering total of approximately three million dollars. The Lucky 7 Find received national media coverage, and the publicity surrounding it benefitted the entire hobby. Confirming treasures are still out there waiting to be discovered, it was the equivalent of a winning lottery ticket for a typical American family. Remarkably, the story doesn't end here.

When the seven Cobbs were found in 2016, the family focused all of their attention on the cards due to their extraordinary value. When they resumed the cleanup of that old house, they were very thorough and found an eighth T206 Ty Cobb card with the Ty Cobb back sandwiched between two dirty, faded books. As in The Lucky 7 Find, the eye appeal of this eighth Cobb card is exceptional with rich colors and virtually no tobacco staining.

The family has completed the task of cleaning out the house and assured Snyder no other Cobbs or other valuable collectibles were left to be discovered. Unlike the first seven cards from the original find, they intend to keep the eighth and last of the Cobbs as a family heirloom. Snyder advised his clients it was in their best interest to have Professional Sports Authenticator grade and encapsulate the card to maximize its value and for insurance purposes. Recently graded Good 2, this Ty Cobb card with Ty Cobb back is tied with three others as the eighth highest PSA-graded example. According to the family, "We are incredibly blessed and grateful to have found another card. This is unbelievable. We would have never thought this would happen once, much less twice. It is an incredible feeling!"

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