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The Magnum LED Coil Tank Is Triple Seven eCigs' Hottest New Product

The Coolest New Electronic Cigarette around Is the Magnum LED Coil Tank


Burbank, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/10/2014 --The country’s leading manufacturer of electronic cigarettes, Triple Seven eCigs, continues to innovate with its product line. The company is not averse to trying new things and testing out unconventional products. And so far, most of their products have been successful.

One of their newest creations is the Magnum LED Bottom Coil Tank. This premium quality vaping tank lights up in one of two distinct colors- Red or blue. This gives it a cool, stylish edge unlike anything else out there and makes it perfect for parties and other social occasions.

These tanks offer a slightly different experience from the typical vaping tank. Most tanks have their coil placed on the top of the tank. But with the Magnum LED tank the coil is located at the bottom. The bottom coil offers a short wick which keeps the true flavor of the e-liquid used in the tank. Another nice feature with the bottom coil design, it helps keep the coil saturated during use to avoid burning out the coil. As with tanks with top coils the user must always tip the eCig upside down to keep the wick saturated to avoid burning the coil. This is the company’s way of trying out some new designs and seeing how they will work.

The Magnum LED tanks are ego thread design and will work with most ego thread design batteries. They are made to work with the Triple Seven Magnum, M-1, Mini Lambo series of batteries.

Consumers who have used these new tanks have already commented on how they provide a satisfactory hit. They love the new designs and the stylish LED lights. So far, it appears that the company has a new success story on its hands.

Triple Seven has long offered some of the finest electronic cigarette paraphernalia available on the market. Their products are recognized for their durability, ease of use and affordable price points. Where many companies treat electronic cigarettes like a niche product, this company continues to appeal to a larger and larger market. They have expanded into retail stores and made products that are targeted to women as well as men.

With products as well designed and as well received as the Magnum LED Coil Tanks, they will likely continue to elevate the market presence of electronic cigarettes.

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Triple Seven E-Cigs is Located in Burbank, California and is a premium manufacture of electronic cigarettes and e liquid sold wold wide. Triple Seven produces dozens of uniquely designed products to satisfy every need of the electronic cigarette user.