The MeasurDoc App Records Measurements for Accurate Ordering of Windows, Doors and More


Winnipeg, MB -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/11/2017 --MeasurDoc, the revolutionary new app that records window and door measurements with comments for accurate ordering, is live on Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life.

For those in the home improvement industry and even DIYers, accurate measurements can make or break a project. Paper and pen measurements can be lost or mixed up, juggling multiple projects at once can also lead to unnecessary confusion. The MeasurDoc App is a game-changing solution that maintains ultra accurate measurements while tracking projects with precision.

"I measure windows, doors and cabinets for replacement I've made way too many mistakes over the years when ordering expensive custom (non-refundable) items like windows and doors," says inventor Phil Ramer on the inspiration behind the project. "I have invented a wonderful solution that is elegantly simple and easy to use.  Using your smartphone either Android or iPhone you can fully document the exact sizes of your order prior to submitting."

The MeasurDoc is an incredibly simple set up process. Users simply install the bracket on the tape measure and the steel disc on the back of the phone. Once the app is installed and opened, users will take a picture of the window they are replacing. Notes can be added via voice-to-text or by typing. Width and height notes can also be added. Once all measurements are completed, an emailed report can be submitted to manufacturing or printed, if desired.

The MeasurDoc Android and iOS apps will soon be ready and which will provide a perfect recorded solution for each address measured.  The app utilizes the phone's GPS and tags each photo with Geo-data, linking them to the exact address in google maps.  The app will also provide detailed reports and use speech-to-text to capture via audio as users measure.  This will allow for perfect, hands-free measurements.

"This simple device has already saved me thousands of dollars. Imagine how much this will effect the bottom line of your company in a year for instance," adds Ramer. "MeasurDoc customization is possible allowing for use in other industries; Cabinetry, Design CAD processes, Architects and Engineers to name a few."

The MeasurDoc App is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter:

About MeasurDoc
MeasurDoc is an App from founder Phil Ramer designed to easily record, track and maintain measurements.

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