Better Box Mailboxes

The Metal Mailbox That Changed the Game


Simpsonville, SC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/10/2017 --Every once in a while, a product is introduced into the marketplace that transforms the playing field, and this is exactly what has taken place when it comes to metal mailboxes. There is a company out of South Carolina called Better Box Mailboxes, and they chose their name very carefully.

They did not think that the world needed another company to manufacture metal mailboxes that were clones of the status quo. The founders knew that they could only be successful if they genuinely offered mailboxes that were simply better than their competitors' offerings. Judging by their customer satisfaction rate, this is exactly what they have been able to achieve.

This company takes full control of every aspect of their business, and this has made all the difference. They do not outsource their production elsewhere to find cheap labor. They have assembled a team of highly skilled, professional craftsmen, and they use time honored techniques to produce the Better Box metal mailbox line in their own facility.

The material that they use is top quality cast aluminum, and this nonferrous metal was carefully chosen to provide maximum durability. Their process also includes the application of a specially formulated DuPont finish to add another layer of protection. The hardware is stainless and brass, and these are also nonferrous metals that will not rust, even if they are exposed to the elements for years.

This commitment to durability says a lot about the integrity of the company. They are not trying to create a scenario that requires you to come back to them to buy a new metal mailbox every couple of years. The company wants their products to last a lifetime if possible.

Given the quality of the metal mailboxes that Better Box produces, it would be logical to assume that they are quite expensive. In fact, they have developed a highly intelligent business model that allows them to sell their products at very affordable prices. They ship them directly from their facility, so there are no intermediaries, and this is one of the ways that they are able to realize savings that they pass along to their metal mailbox customers.

About Better Box Mailbox
Better Box Mailbox is a forward thinking, innovative company that offers an extensive metal mailbox line.