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The Mindfulness Journal Is a Pocket-Sized Notebook That Promises Increased Happiness in 30 Days


Durham, NC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/03/2016 --The Mindfulness Journal, the innovative new notebook from Satorio Mediation that aims to help users become happier and more mindful in 30 days, is currently live on Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life.

In today's fast-paced, hyper-connected world it can be easy to lose track of the moment and becoming wound up with endless to-do lists and non-stop work. Between work, personal errands, and smartphones that are increasingly keeping us plugged in 24/7, the Mindful Journal is a physical product that reminds users to enter the here and now while reconnecting with a more purposeful life.

"After trying to meditate and failing to keep to the habit, I realized how ironically difficult it was to stick to this seemingly simple task. This is where the inspiration for the mindfulness journal came from," says founder David de Souza, "After conducting a number of self improvement experiments on myself I have found that 30 days is the perfect amount of time to create a habit. The journal provides the structure and challenges to help keep you engaged and to achieve the benefits of this ancient eastern tradition."

Mindfulness is an awareness of the present moment, a process of acknowledging and accepting without judgment thoughts, bodily sensations and emotions as they occur. Mindfulness allows individuals to live more fully in the moment, instead of letting life pass them by. It is a word that's being used frequently in our modern culture and the mainstream media. It's a concept that is finding its way into schools to help children feel calmer and more focused, into boardrooms to aid in strategic planning, and even into clinics to help control depression.  

The Mindfulness Journal was created to work in tandem with modern lifestyles to help form the positive and healthy habit of mindfulness in 30 days. The journal accomplishes this goal using 5 quick and daily tasks; meditation, emotion tracking, practicing gratitude, recording daily exercise, and weekly challenges and tips to help expand the user's mindfulness.

"Meditation and mindfulness have been proven to have numerous health benefits including increased happiness, focus, meaning and reduced stress and anxiety. I am sure that we can all agree these are things that the world could currently embrace," adds de Souza. "The Mindfulness journal provides the structure to help anyone start the habit that can have ripple effects not only on their lives but also in the lives of people that they interact with."

The Mindfulness Journal is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter:

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