The Mission of the Stock Day Podcast


Phoenix, AZ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/03/2016 --On January 28th, 2016, Uptick Newswire, LLC launched the Uptick Network Stock Day Radio Show with one goal in mind: Provide transparency to micro-cap companies.

Time and time again, professional advisors tell aspiring investors to do due diligence and research a company, "Look at the managers, review the financials, and avoid penny stocks at all costs. The risks are too high and there's just not enough information on those companies to make informed decisions".

We at Uptick absolutely agree that the risks are high and that there's not enough information publicly available. However, we didn't see that as a red flag. Instead, we saw that as an opportunity. Each day we scour through press releases in search of top reputable penny stocks, the hidden gems in the micro-cap world, and we invite them to come onto the Uptick Network Stock Day podcast to tell their story. Sometimes the mission of our show gets lost in the pitch, but our message is clear: Transparency builds trust.

About Uptick Network Stock Day Radio Show
Through our Stock Day podcast, companies use our platform as a reliable outlet to communicate with investors, shareholders and stakeholders from all over the world. CEO's that take advantage of our great distribution package, which consists of media outreach and additional distribution points that include Google Play, iTunes, iHeart Radio, Audioboom, Investors Hangout and several other platforms, experience great traction for days.

For a fairly fresh podcast, we've been able to reach great milestones. We continue to experience growth each week, but the conversations on social media only enforce the fact that our listeners want more transparency from these publically traded companies. Let's be transparent and grow together to give the micro-cap, penny stock name a new face in the OTC industry.

Source: Uptick Newswire