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The Mister Launches on Kickstarter to Help Homeowners Go Green and Save 30% on Utility Bills

A new energy savings product launches on Kickstarter to help homeowners lower their electricity bills while helping to save the environment at the same time. The Mister increases A/C efficiency, limits the burning of fossil fuels, gives tax credits and puts cash back into the hands of the consumer.


Houston, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/12/2014 --Already praised by consumers for it’s ability to save as much as 40% on electricity bills The Mister is launched on Kickstarter to up the ante on its eco-friendly design. Created to increase the cooling capacity of air conditioning units The Mister is a simplistically designed game changer. Having passed the beta stage in 2013 the unassuming device helps crowdfunding supporters go green, save cash and reduce their carbon footprint all for a donation of $285. A donation that qualifies for a 30% Green Tax Credit come tax season.

So how does it work? Using the oldest form of cooling known to mankind

The Mister emits a fine mist that evaporates into the hot air surrounding an air conditioning unit. This evaporation causes a pre-cooling stage for the A/C which in turn reduces power consumption. It also influences shorter cycle times. Both translate into a cooler household thanks to The Mister that can easily pay for itself in one season’s time.

Josh Teekell, founder and CEO of The Mister said of the air conditioner mister, “We wanted the consumer to have a financial reward for going green. Our central air systems burn fossil fuels that our environment can ill afford. And unfortunately, all too many times using green technologies are inconvenient and cost prohibitive. We’ve changed that with The Mister. It’s incredibly easy to set up and our customers have saved up to $250 in the first two months of use. Even without the tax credit that nearly pays for the unit in 60 days.”

Utilizing superior design The Mister, once funded, will also use solar cell power and wireless connectivity. The unit already contains a patented control unit to minimize water consumption. It also contains a water treatment system to insure durability for The Mister and longevity for the A/C unit. The small and attractive unit supporting sustainability can be installed in just a few minutes with all parts included.

About The Mister
The Mister is a patented pre-cooling control device that works in tandem with air conditioning units to provide energy savings. The unit is an eco-friendly way to minimize water consumption, reduce the carbon footprint and increase efficiency for home cooling. The product’s beta version was released in 2013 and is now in the crowdfunding stages for a 2nd generation product available for shipment Spring of 2015.

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