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The Money Mix Announces DiversyFund Growth REIT Contest

Most Americans have considered investing at one time or another. Whether it is to help fund retirement or to try and become the millionaire they’ve always dreamed of being.


Athens, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/12/2019 --Investments are a big part of getting ready for the future. But, many persons don't have the know-how or the ability to find options that are available to them for reasonable prices. The Money Mix and DiversyFund are looking to make that an issue of the past with the help of a grand prize in their newly-announced contest.

The Money Mix, a personal finance blog providing investors and consumers with resources that allow them to thrive in today's financial landscape, is currently partnering with DiversyFund in order to host a contest. The prize in this contest is a $500 investment in the DiversyFund Growth REIT, which the experts at The Money Mix believe is a solid first step in real estate investments.

Recently, The Money Mix wrote a DiversyFund review alongside a review of a similar company known as Fundrise. Both are known as crowdfunded real estate funds; they allow a number of smaller investors to put their investment dollars together in order to make larger investments in the real estate world. This, in turn, makes it much more likely for smaller investors to be able to step into real estate spaces that they may have never been able to explore before.

The $500 investment would allow the winner to be involved in the DiversyFund REIT – Real Estate Investment Trust. In the past, these trusts were only available to wealthy persons, and those people had to be accredited investors (which are required to have $200,000 in income or over $1,000,000 in net worth). Now, with the help of companies like DiversyFund, those with lower incomes have more flexibility and ability to get into the market.

The Money Mix DiversyFund review provides more information about the DiversyFund platform and allows investors to make their own decision as to whether this program may be right for them as they take their next steps into real estate investments.

The DiversyFund Growth REIT contest rules regarding eligibility and what the contest entails are on the aforementioned link, and any questions can be directed to the team at The Money Mix. The contest is open until 8 PM EDT on July 12th, 2019.

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