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The Money Mix Now Offering the Chance to Win a $500 Investment in the DiversyFund

The Money Mix, a well-respected personal finance resource site, recently launched a contest that provides a unique opportunity for regular investors to win a $500 investment in the DiversyFund Growth Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT).


Athens, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/24/2019 --The Money Mix, or The Mix as it's called by insiders, is a personal finance resource with content curated by finance experts. Where it is different is where the content comes from. Bloggers participating in The Mix world are known as Insiders. Usually bloggers in their own right, their participation at the Money Mix extends the reach of both of them. It is a mutual win-win as the Money Mix has in excess of half a million page views.

Insiders post on a regular basis from a position of neutrality. But on this occasion the team was so impressed with the things they found out when they completed a review of a crowdfunded Real Estate Investment Trust, the DiversyFund, The Money Mix decided to help spread the word about this quality opportunity for regular investors to diversify their portfolios by investing in real property.

As the comprehensive DiversyFund review conducted by the experts at The Mix shows, the fund has been created to open the possibility of REIT investments to those who do not normally have the opportunity to invest in real estate. The Money Mix was impressed by the way in which the firm was established and their approach to the market. It is different and creative much like their own approach.

The DiversyFund Growth REIT is a crowdfunded real estate fund properly regulated by the SEC. By leveraging crowdfunding rather than traditional financing sources, the DiversyFund Growth REIT opens the pool of investors to anyone – accredited or non-accredited investors alike.

Finding themselves super-impressed by the quality of the DiversyFund they have invested in a $500 giveaway to help the fund reach more of their target audience and also develop the reach of The Mix.

The Money Mix's concept of different bloggers with a variety of audiences and content interests is paying off in the establishment of community. The broad base of content and writing encourages readers to return to connect with the Insiders they like, and the diversity continues to attract new interest continually. Currently with over 1,000,000 Pinterest views, the firm has hit the inside track on managing content into a focused and defined audience.

Information dissemination is maintained on a regular schedule – The Daily Mix is a feed of the best posts from around the community. And while the community does curate content, they also take the time to ensure there is plenty or original content which users can find liberally spread across the site.

These roll up into a Weekly Mix and ultimately to a Monthly Mix ensuring the readers get plenty of opportunity to see relevant content.

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