Hangzhou Steam Turbine Co., Ltd

The Most Successful Steam Turbine in China

Accomplished two successful projects, Hangzhou Steam Turbine Corporation Ltd (HTC) proves it is one of the best steam turbine manufacturers in China.


Hangzhou, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/04/2020 --The most successful steam turbine in China

A Chinese steam turbine manufacturer has to shine the industry.

Hangzhou Steam Turbine Co., Ltd (HTC) is the largest manufacturing enterprise of industrial steam turbines in China so far. There is firm confidence from the stakeholders show on the bright future of the leading steam turbine manufacturer as HTC had achieved lots of honors since it first established. Formerly, it was known as the Hangzhou Steam Turbine Works which established in 1958, sponsored by Hangzhou Steam Turbine & Power Group Co., Ltd since the company system changed in April 1998, it went public in Shenzhen Securities Exchange with stock code 200771.

Besides the lighting history in the past, the current development of HTC is also inspiring. As the leading research and fabrication base of industrial steam turbines in China, HTC is proud to the throne of the crown for one of the most influential enterprises. Moreover, HTC is the only company that can optimize the design and fabrication of steam turbines for generation by blocking principles according to customers' various requirements. By incorporating other design and manufacturing technology from Siemens and other domestic & foreign companies, HTC achieved success in combining introduced technology and independent innovation by research, development and technical support.

There are a series of achievements that HTC had successfully accomplished.

For example, in January 2nd, HTC announced that one of the world largest Mega Ethylene Unit –Annual Output 1.5 Million Metric Ton Ethylene, including Cracked Gas Compressor Driven 89745 kW (Max. 99000kW) Steam Turbine, Ethylene Refrigeration Compressor Driven 27977 kW Steam Turbine, Propylene Refrigeration Compressor Driven 48081 kW Steam Turbine all turbine solo commissioning were completed in the first trial. Needless to mention, the Cracked Gas Compressor Driven 89745 KW Steam Turbine is the world's largest turbine capacity for the existing industrial turbine field. The project was named 20 Million Metric Ton which the HTC assisted Hengli Petrochemical, a Dalian chemical company to finalize.

Another extraordinary achievement is the solo commissioning trail which the HTC contributed more to the project called 40 Million Metric Ton/ Year Refining and Chemical Integrated Complex-First Phase. In that project, HTC supplied 51 units of the steam turbine at first to support the whole project to be smoothly accomplished. HTC managed to complete the supply 35 units of professional steam turbines solo commissioning trial at the end of December in 2019. The client, Zhejiang Petroleum & Chemical Co Ltd, also known as the ZPC, thinks highly of the HTC.

According to the two successful cases, HTC has earned a solid reputation for its ability to design and manufacture industrial turbines that can both meet customers' unique requirements and achieve an optimal combination of heat, power and mechanical energies. HTC introduced Siemens technology includes 12 prototypes of reaction industrial steam turbines in building block-principle.

Moreover, HTC developed more standard modules in the past several years, now HTC can supply hundreds of various steam turbines based on customers' requirements in the following specification: Power range: from 1000kW to 200000kW, speed: from 3000r/min to 15000r/min; Inlet steam temperature: up to 540 ?; inlet steam pressure: up to 14 MPa (a).

Products of the Company are widely used in various industries including power plants, petrochemicals, chemicals, fertilizers, metallurgy, building materials, light industry. HTC also supplied a majority of the industrial steam turbines that were used in key engineering projects during the various phases of the Country's economic development. Since the early 1980s, the Company has kept pace with international standards in the production of steam turbines. The Company market share of the domestic Industrial Drive Steam Turbine is approximately 90%. Products of the Company are manufactured in full compliance with internationally recognized standards such as API612 of the American Petroleum Institute and NEMA SM23 of National Electrical Manufacturers Association and so on.