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The Myth of Secure Dental Adhesives


Vancouver, WA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/07/2017 --There are many different companies out there that market products that they call "secure dental adhesives." In fact, the term could be looked upon as an oxymoron. The dental adhesives that are widely utilized are really not very effective when you compare them to more advanced dental reline solutions. Adhesive creams typically do not create a snug, comfortable fit, and the glue can liquefy when a denture wearer is eating. As a result, the denture will come loose, so there really is no such thing as a truly secure dental adhesive.

In addition to the stability factor, there are other drawbacks that go along with the utilization of old school dental adhesives. Many of them have a very bad taste, and it can have an impact all day as the glue drips out. Daily applications are necessary, and sometimes, people have to apply the adhesives more than once during the same day. The application is not the only messy daily ritual that goes along with the utilization of so-called secure dental adhesives. Users also have to remove the glue that sticks to their mouths at bedtime, and this can require tedious scraping.

Anyone who is looking for a solution that is far more effective than the mythical secure dental adhesives would do well to consider the DenSureFit denture reliner. The key to the efficacy of this product is the utilization of silicone. This material does not have a taste, there is no unpleasant odor to contend with, and it does not melt when it is exposed to food and drinks. Plus, users do not have to worry about daily applications and removal, because a single application of DenSureFit will last for weeks.

Most importantly, this silicone denture reline kit provides a truly secure fit, because the utilization of this substance creates a suction that keeps the dentures firmly in place. People who use the system can eat just about any type of food comfortably, and they can speak and laugh with full confidence.

DenSureFit makes it very easy for people to order their denture reline kits online. There is even an option to divide your purchase payments into 3 monthly payments by utilizing the Subscription Program. They provide fast, free shipping, and there are often discounts for first orders. This company has effectively filled a gap in the marketplace, and anyone who is looking for secure dental adhesives should pay their website a visit.

About DenSureFit
DenSureFit has developed a soft silicone denture reline kit that is getting high ratings from people who were previously using so-called secure dental adhesive products.