The New TWX Auto Car Care Products Now Offered at Discounted Price


Düsseldorf, Germany -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/17/2019 --The new TWX Auto product line is now offered at discounted price online in United Kingdom, Germany, Greece, Spain, Italy and Slovakia. Current discounts and promotions for each country, where TWX Auto is available, can be checked at the product's official website -

TWX Auto offers a wide range of premium car detailing products - from all purpose interior cleaner and leather cleaner and conditioner, through tire gel and wax spray, to hydrophobic window cleaner and waterless wash spray. The company focuses on bringing high-quality car care products and accessories to consumers at an affordable price.

TWX Auto car detailing is ? complete cleaning of the automobile using quality and specialized car care products. The process includes interior and exterior cleansing, polishing and finishing of the car to produce quality cleanliness and shiny look. Tire and window cleaning and protection is also an important part of car detailing, that includes the use of gel for shiny tires, and water-repelling spray for windows. TWX Auto Tires® Gel is specially designed to clean and protect rubber surfaces from the impact of harmful UV rays, while at the same time, provides truly clean and shiny tires. With its super-hydrophobic formula, TWX Auto Windows® Water-Repelling Nano Coating for Car Windows product reduces the accumulation of dirt and dust on car's glass, and provides water-repelling effect where applied.

There is a large variety of car detailing products available online. So, depending on product's type, the global car detailing market can be split into Car Cleaning, Car Polish, and Car Wax. TWX Auto combines all of these to provide professional cleaning and perfect finish of consumer's car.