The Nug

The Nug Is the Ultimate EDC Knife

Live on Indiegogo, The Nug is a micro knife whose strength is hidden by its size.


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/16/2016 --The Nug, a micro knife whose strength is hidden by its size, is hoping to become the definitive EDC knife. The project is currently live on Indiegogo and raising funds to bring the project to life.

The Nug is the self-proclaimed "King of Micro Knives" and it has good reasons to make such a claim. In several promotional videos, The Nug is seen slicing through tennis balls, sneakers, and even opening a coconut.

The Nug is a micro chisel with a 3mm hardened S30V steel blade sandwiched in a titanium shell. S30v Steel is a premium grade steel used only in high-end production and custom knives. a The handle is also forged in titanium and the movement is fitted with ball bearings for durability. The design is balanced, clean, and minimal.

"The Nug is for people who want a small discreet knife that performs like a regular knife. There are a lot of micro knives out there, but most of them are either too flimsy or difficult to hold," says Jeff, designer and creator of The Nug, "They are only good for menial tasks, like opening letters, cutting tape etc. The Nug can puncture and slice almost anything. It is the best handling micro knife you can have in your pocket." 

The secret behind The Nug's incredible strength lies in it's innovative design. Users are able to leverage the knife through their finger, once the blade is held properly it will never slip. The Nug also frees up the thumb to push and rotate objects to assist in cutting.

The Nug is a companion blade designed to be easy to carry and use, meant to be carried with users everywhere they go. The Nug comes with a leather strap and clip making it easy to snap on to bags or keychains.

"I designed The Nug to appeal to first time EDC knife buyers who want a cool looking functional knife but also knife collectors who want to add a unique glad to their collection, "added Jeff Ho, "There is nothing else like The Nug on the market today."

The Nug measures approximately 55mm x 30mm x 12mm with a hole size of 20.5mm and a 3mm S30V steel blade. This is a limited edition production exclusive to crowd fund backers.

The Nug is now live and available on Indiegogo: