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The Old Dutch Cupboard Explores the Relationship Between Live Cultures & Dairy Products


Telford, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/30/2024 --The Old Dutch Cupboard is proud to offer a range of dairy products, enriched with live cultures, aimed at promoting gut health and overall wellness. This initiative highlights the importance of probiotics, living microorganisms found in fermented foods that offer significant health benefits.

Live cultures, including strains such as lactobacillus bulgaricus and streptococcus thermophilus, are key in the fermentation process, making dairy products like yogurt, kefir, and certain cheeses rich sources of these beneficial bacteria. Consuming these dairy products enhances digestive health by balancing gut flora, boosting the immune system, and improving lactose digestion, which is particularly beneficial for those who are lactose intolerant.

Probiotics play a crucial role in maintaining a healthy intestinal environment, which is essential for digestion, mental health, and immunity. A healthy gut is foundational to overall wellness, and incorporating the right types of fermented dairy products into one's diet can lead to significant improvements in health.

When selecting dairy products containing probiotics, consumers are advised to look for labels that mention "live and active cultures." The Old Dutch Cupboard offers a curated selection of milk and yogurt in Telford, PA, including raw milk, yogurts without added sugars or artificial flavors, and aged cheeses made with fermented milk.

The Old Dutch Cupboard invites everyone to explore its range of milk and yogurt in Telford, PA, to start experiencing the multitude of health benefits associated with regular consumption of dairy products enriched with live cultures. This initiative is part of The Old Dutch Cupboard's commitment to providing high-quality, health-promoting food options to the community, supporting both health and taste preferences. To learn more, visit

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As part of the Alderfer Poultry Farm, The Old Dutch Cupboard is committed to providing natural, organic, and local products. The Telford, PA, store carries a variety of bulk foods, nuts, and candies as well as farm-fresh meat, eggs, organic and raw milk, and handcrafted cheese. They also have honey and maple syrup from the Telford and Harleysville area to make any family dinner, celebration, or potluck special. For over 40 years, The Old Dutch Cupboard has been bringing the farm to the table.

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