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The Old Dutch Cupboard Explores the Science of Gluten


Telford, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/06/2023 --The Old Dutch Cupboard proudly presents a fascinating insight into the world of baking, focusing on the star ingredient: gluten. This protein composite plays an instrumental role in baking with wheat flour, particularly in popular bread recipes and baked goods.

When water is mixed into flour, an intriguing process unfolds. The proteins glutenin and gliadin absorb the liquid, binding together to form a resilient network of gluten. This network imparts elasticity and strength to the dough, allowing it to trap gas bubbles during the leavening process, resulting in a light, airy texture and rise in bread.

The choice of flour can significantly influence gluten development. For instance, bread flour, with its higher protein content than all-purpose or cake flour, enables the dough to stretch more without tearing, indicating a robust gluten structure.

Employing an electric mixer or kneading by hand helps develop this gluten network. As the dough is worked, the glutenin and gliadin proteins align and form long, elastic gluten strands, contributing to the dough's stretchy, elastic quality.

The texture of the final baked product is greatly influenced by the amount and strength of the gluten in the dough. A well-developed gluten network yields a chewy, elastic crumb, perfect for products like Dave's Killer Bread in Telford, PA. Conversely, a weak gluten structure results in a tender, crumbly texture, ideal for cakes and pastries.

The Old Dutch Cupboard invites everyone to appreciate this remarkable process the next time they enjoy a slice of Dave's Killer Bread in Telford, PA. To learn more about their bread offerings or to try something new, visit the store or head to

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