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The Old Dutch Cupboard Investigates the Creation of Apple Cider


Telford, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/30/2024 --The Old Dutch Cupboard, a renowned natural foods store, invites enthusiasts to explore the enchanting process of making apple cider in Telford, PA. This cherished beverage, celebrated for its refreshing taste and deep-rooted connection to nature, undergoes a meticulous production process that transforms simple apples into a delightful drink.

The apple cider's journey begins in the orchards, where specially selected apples are harvested at the pinnacle of maturity to ensure a perfect balance of sweetness, acidity, and tannins. This careful selection is paramount, as it forms the foundation of the cider's complex flavor profile. Following the harvest, apples are rigorously cleaned and sorted to discard any that might compromise the quality of the cider.

The next phase involves crushing the apples into pomace, or apple mash, and pressing this mash to extract pure, sweet apple juice. This step is crucial and is approached both as an art and a science to avoid extracting any bitter compounds from the skins, ensuring the juice remains pristine.

Fermentation introduces yeast to the apple juice, initiating a transformation where sugars are converted into alcohol and carbon dioxide. This delicate process, which can span weeks to months, demands constant vigilance from cider makers to ensure the emerging cider achieves the desired balance of flavors.

Finally, the cider may undergo a maturation phase, aging in bottles or barrels to refine its flavors, followed by either natural or artificial carbonation. This last touch adds a refreshing fizz to the apple cider, completing its transformation.

Enjoying a fresh glass of apple cider is more than a mere act of drinking; it's an immersive experience that connects individuals to the land, seasons, and traditions. Each glass embodies the craftsmanship and dedication involved in its production, offering a taste that's as rich and complex as its history. To learn more about their apple cider in Telford, PA, or to explore their other offerings, visit

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As part of the Alderfer Poultry Farm, The Old Dutch Cupboard is committed to providing natural, organic, and local products. The Telford, PA, store carries a variety of bulk foods, nuts, and candies as well as farm-fresh meat, eggs, organic and raw milk, and handcrafted cheese. They also have honey and maple syrup from the Telford and Harleysville area to make any family dinner, celebration, or potluck special. For over 40 years, The Old Dutch Cupboard has been bringing the farm to the table.

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