The Online Shopping Platform Gshopper Announces Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Xiaomi


Singapore -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/20/2021 --In recent years, Gshopper, a Singapore-Based online shopping platform that has been frequently touted as one of the most popular online shopping options in the market, initiated the strategic cooperation with Xiaomi. This will give global Mi fans a chance to access Gshopper, providing them with a reliable way to buy Xiaomi products. Essentially, it means that Xiaomi can use the influence of Gshopper to expand its cross-border eCommerce market, making its products such as smartphone, home appliance, and eco-chain products available to people all over the world.

Introduction of Gshopper & Xiaomi
Gshopper is one of the most fast-growing online shopping platforms. And the catalog of Gshopper covers a wide range of products, from smartphones to housewares. As a solid business partner of Gshopper, Xiaomi is a young start-up electronic company which is known as the "Apple of China". Established in 2010, it has become one of the top five largest smartphone manufactures in China.

The core products Xiaomi designs and develops include mobile phone, TV, router, and smart home product, as well as the eco-chain ones. In recent years, Xiaomi was able to quickly gain market share initially thanks to its innovative business model. The secret to Xiaomi's quick expansion is its smartphone products and new eco-chain product categories.

The Business Overview of the Partnership Between Gshopper & Xiaomi

With the cooperation of Xiaomi, Gshopper shares the core products of Xiaomi for sale to the market, including smartphones and Xiaomi eco-chain products. Competitive cooperation is an important step between Gshopper and Xiaomi. Through cooperation, Gshopper opens an official channel to promote Xiaomi products on its platforms and allows Xiaomi to reach millions of online users worldwide.

Under the background of O2O development, Xiaomi shares its flagship products on Gshopper, while Gshopper offers packaged eCommerce solutions and share their advanced commercial platform with Xiaomi. Both parties can share their numerous competitive advantages; hence, their market resources and category structures are mutually complementary.

The online retail industry is a highly competitive field. In this case, there is no doubt that competitive cooperation is a wise move both for Gshopper and Xiaomi. In recent years, more and more consumers are buying from online shopping platform and therefore more brands are looking to expand the cross-border market.

ECommerce is becoming an inevitable trend. Since the 2008 financial crisis, many companies have faced development and transformation, hoping to broaden their development paths through online shopping platform. By virtue of national policies, cross border shopping platforms, and international logistics companies, the increasingly prosperous of online shopping platform has become more apparent. In 2020, the sales of the world's eCommerce amounted to $839.02 billion and exceeded the 2019 ecommerce sales by 40.3%. Therefore, with the popularity of online shopping, the potential of online shopping platform is limitless.

According to the website, the mission of Gshopper is "making the best quality products accessible to everyone around the world." One of Gshopper' s selling points is the diverse catalogs of high-quality products. Gshopper is helping to bring online shopping platform to the population of many emerging market countries.

To meet the increasing demand of global consumers for the high-quality merchandise and increasing spending power of consumers, Gshopper has positioned itself to cater to high-end consumers worldwide and work with the world's premium brands including Xiaomi, Apple, Lenovo, and other top-notch partners. Impressively, the platform has established presences in Shanghai, Japan, Russia, and Korea, etc. The platform boasts 136 proprietary overseas warehouses and 64 third party-operated logistics business partners. Eventually, Gshopper has leveraged these core supports and transformed into a trusted selling platform.

Xiaomi puts its core products on Gshopper, which successfully changed the traditional business pattern and improved both Gshopper and Xiaomi's competitiveness. It materialized more diverse purchase channels for consumers, which is a win-win initiative. In the future, Gshopper plans to make products reach a wider consumer group. What is more, it aims to coordinate the regional distributions and deploying the storages at reasonable level. This is also providing strong support for Xiaomi's mi online shopping strategic development.

About Gshopper
Gshopper is world's leading cross-border online shopping platform. It has received several rounds of nearly $100 in venture capital and has attracted more than 1,000,000 global customers, becoming the world' s first e-importer for global shoppers. Through advanced big data and artificial intelligence technology, it has precisely identified the hot products. And the products are sold to more than 20 countries worldwide. It is Gshopper's commitment to discover the hottest products in the world and bring them to consumers around the world at excellent prices.

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