The Opening Speech of the 7th Anniversary Online Summit of the World's Leading Digital Currency Trading Platform ZB


Zurich, Switzerland -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/07/2020 --On June 28, 2020, ZB, the world's leading digital currency trading platform, celebrated its 7th anniversary, and held a grand blockchain online summit, inviting well-known individuals including Roger Ver to attend as guests. The following is the opening speech of ZB CEO Omar Chen.

ZB CEO Omar Chen:
Distinguished guests, friends who care about ZB, hello everyone, this is Omar. I have previously worked on software development at Ericsson and then worked overseas for more than 9 years. Later participated and witnessed the ZBG exchange from 0 to 1, and now serves as the CEO of ZB. I am honored to participate in this online summit today, and I am going to spend 5 or 6 minutes to introduce ZB before the guests start the panel.

Many people do not know that ZB is actually a platform half a year earlier than the establishment of Huobi, and is currently continuing to globalize. It is the low-key and most potential top exchange in china. ZB's long-term operation is customer-centered and safety is the first priority, so it has been able to operate steadily and safety for 7 years. We will continue to work hard. so this time the title is 7 years, just the beginning, and the meaning of the battle.

In June 2013, ZB was established. In just 3 years, it was discovered and reported by overseas CCN as one of the largest exchanges in China, and then was reported by Nasdaq in 2017 as the world's largest exchange for bitcoin trading volume. After 94 in 2017, ZB actively responded to China's regulatory policy to close its Chinese operations, and its operations turned to globalization, and ZB was quickly rated as global top 5 by CMC's 2019 annual analysis report within 2 years. In Q1 this year, we were rated as one of the three most popular global exchanges by Russian media.

Since ZB focused on internationalization in the past two years, ZB has relatively little voice in the Chinese-speaking area. Therefore, some new friends may be curious about ZB growth process and ask how they grew up. I will talk about ZB's current international compliance process from the following perspectives, and why it can grow so steadily.

Stable, because the product transactions are safe, and the deposit is safe

The recent rapid development of ZB is due to unique and innovative products. This is ZB's current global layout. ZB currently support 11 languages. If not affected by the epidemic, our pace is still accelerating.

The first is the transaction security settings and with many strict risk control, and there are many security auxiliary functions, such as the following transaction pair intelligent security settings.

The core technology of wallets and escrow services is also the core of our 7-year history, and some of the top 30 exchanges in the world are actually implemented by relying on our escrow system.

The following innovative function is unique to us. It is a built-in instant chat tool on the exchange, which greatly supports the community and enhances user viscosity. This is arguably the most popular exchange communication method in 2020.

The following mobile phone APP diagrams are examples. Users can freely switch to the instant chat community on the transaction page, or they can directly switch to the currency of interest in the transaction of the instant chat community.

This page introduces an innovative function derived from the perspective of an industry portal, that is, ZB APP, which is no longer just a trading APP, but a massive traffic gathering platform, which is a platform similar to an APP store. All kinds of excellent applications, such as excellent media, financial management functions, etc., can be settled in ZAPP.

The following are some excellent third-party applications of ZAPP.

For example, the ZAPP QTv used in this video live broadcast can facilitate users to watch related blockchain video live broadcasts; for example, ZAPP residual currency management can increase the income of mainstream currency hoarders. And ZAPP's Hit Altcoin, which is convenient for some digital enthusiasts who like "hundredfold token, thousand times token" to buy a little new token from other platforms.