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The Pawtucket Roofers Offer Roof Repairs Throughout the Winter in Rhode Island


Pawtucket, RI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/11/2022 --A lot is happening regarding roof repair in Pawtucket this winter. The Pawtucket Roofers is a reputable company that employs only the most seasoned contractors and structural engineers. Due to GAF-certification, the contractors have advanced knowledge of addressing winter roofing woes. When this team is on the scene, you can count on your shingles staying in their place no matter how much snow flies and settles on your roof.

One of the most significant issues that residential roof owners see in Rhode Island during the winter is snow settling on the roof and putting access weight on the materials. That can lead to leaks inside the home, not to mention the inner workings of the roof becoming wet and fulling prey to mold growth.

The company wants to point out that opting for winter roof repair means customers will get a better service price. "We are less busy during the winter months and aren't rushing around as we do in the summer. That means we can scale back our already low prices a bit more," said Ben Poole, owner of The Pawtucket Roofers.

As Mr. Poole stated, the company already features the most competitive prices in the state, so the fact that they drop their rates even lower during winter is a real blessing for many people. When winter storm strikes or the region experiences an infamous "noreaster" and damages a roof, it is good to know that services can be sought out quickly and affordably.

Commercial roofing systems are not exempt from damages during the colder months and come with their own set of issues. For one, commercial roofs are often flat and require a lot of care to prevent snow from building up and causing undue pressure to form. The company recommends hiring a professional snow removals service to maintain the proper roof and gutter care so that problems don't arise.

If you talk to the staff of The Pawtucket Roofers, they'll gladly tell you that an ounce of prevention is worth a load of good. Both residential and commercial roof owners need to be diligent during the winter to keep their roofs free from snow and ice dam formation. But, again, the company stresses that hiring a seasoned snow removal company is the answer.

Ice dams that form on the edging of your roof can cause gutters to entirely fall to the ground, and they can also create drainage problems. Billy Thomas, an employee of The Pawtucket Roofers, had this to say about ice dams "I've seen a lot of roof damage occur due to ice dam formation, and it's never pretty. If our team notices ice dams, we'll get rid of them and put in place preventative measures to avoid a recurrence. If damage is already done, we'll repair or replace the afflicted roofing materials."

The Pawtucket Roofers, living in Rhode Island, are no strangers to the wild winter weather on the east coast. They are ready to take on any roof damages a customer may have, such as loose shingles, gutter problems, snow and water pooling on TPO rooftops, and much more. It's essential for everyone to know that the company offers 24-hours emergency roof repair. Should a blizzard occur and wreak havoc on a residential or commercial roofing system, the company will send out its best crew to address the damages ASAP.

Back in 2014, the company heard about a preschool being hit hard with roof damages after a wicked winter storm. "There was no question about it. I called up my guys and told them we needed to provide roof repairs for the school so that the kids and staff would be safe. I have children in my life and know how important attending school in a safe environment with well-working roof overhead is." said Ben Poole, CEO, and owner.

Ben went on the say that they offered the school a very special price and allowed them to make low monthly payments to alleviate the financial burden a bit. Apparently, there was an issue with the school's insurance policy, and payment could not be rendered.

The Pawtucket Roofers is an excellent company that always goes above and beyond the call of duty. When a customer requires winter roof repair, they'll get exactly what they need. Many roofers hang up their hats in the wintertime and don't provide services because, let's face it, roofing in the blustery winter Rhode Island weather is hard and definitely not any fun.

"We know that roof damages don't stop during the months of December through March. People are going to need emergency repair services to fix holes, leaks, and collapses. My company is dedicated to efficient winter roof repair in Pawtucket," lamented Mr. Poole.

If a customer in the local area wants to seek out roof repair, they can call (401) 214-6088 to get immediate service. The company implores home and business owners to call as soon as they discover any type of roof damages to avoid the progression of structural deterioration.

There's a lot that goes into winter roof repair, but the main thing to remember is that The Pawtucket Roofers have the equipment and techniques to get the job done right under all circumstances. The community agrees that this company is a top resource for not only winter roofing but any season.

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