The Performance of CFMOTO Factory Racing Team at Rallye Breslau Surprised Not Only Organisers


Hangzhou, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/20/2020 --The Rallye Breslau which was once postponed because of the COVID-19 pandemic, was finally held in the mid-September in Poland. Here they had to overcome 1000 kilometres through forests, sand as well as difficult tank training grounds off-roads ruined by tanks.

CFMOTO Factory Racing Team performed successfully in this race. Although the team did not make it to winners podium, the organisers were challenged to pronounce the Lithuanian surnames for a few times.

To participate in Rallye Breslau race, CFMOTO Factory Racing team delegated two fighter vehicles - CFORCE 1000 ATV, driven by Adomas Gancierius and the new ZFORCE 1000 Sport SSV with the family duo Antanas and Audrone Kanopkinai.

The team travelled to Poland with only two days left until the race. After coming to Gwda Wielka town, the team started the preparations. The same day, overcame the formalities successfully - they received permission to start by the administration as well as the technical committee. Besides, the pre-start procedures were going rather easily this year; however, after the last year's debut in Rallye Breslau race and the remarks made by the organisers, this year, all the necessary technical improvements were completed, therefore the green light was instantly lit for the team's start.

On the second day, the organisers offered the athletes two extra-long speed sections with a combined length of 230 kilometres. After that day, CFMOTO Factory Racing Team's duo Antanas Kanopkinas and Audrone Kanopkiniene stated that the distance was long and tiring, therefore in the second speed section, the athletes started counting the kilometres left until the finish line.

However, the tandem driving CFMOTO ZFORCE 1000 SPORT SSV was not only fast, but also managed to avoid bigger technical problems. Therefore, the mechanics did not have to work overnight like they had to after the first and not a very successful day.

Athletes who spent half a day on the track finally turned to Gwda Wielka bivouac for the last time. There they packed their belongings and went to the town of Drawsko Pomorskie, a hundred kilometres away, where the continuation of the marathon day was waiting for them that same evening - a 60-kilometre-long night speed section.

However, the duo of the CFMOTO Factory Racing Team Antanas and Audra Kanopkinai coped with the night challenges rather well. They practically managed to avoid mistakes, and the pace demonstrated lifted them to unprecedented heights - the second position in the class among the 38 participants. After this result, the crew received some exclusive attention from the organizers - the team members stood in front of the cameras of official rally journalists to talk about their driving equipment and the astonishing result achieved with competitors driving several times more expensive, more powerful and in theory, more advanced equipment. They had dozens of riders behind them, riding SSVs, such as the Can-Am Maverick X3 or the Polaris RZR 1000 Turbo.

On the last day of the rally, the duo of Antanas and Audrone Kanopkinai rode the CFMOTO ZFORCE 1000 Sport SSV fast. After the incident on that evening, they significantly worsened their positions and on Friday, they had an important task - to overtake the crews who started ahead, driving more powerful equipment, but made a lot of mistakes in navigation.

After summing up the results of all speed sections, the crew took 12th place in the final standings. Before the competition, the team declared that their goal was TOP 10. Such an even higher result would have beed possiblebut one incident on the fourth day of the rally shattered the team's hope of being in the TOP 10.

However, the team claims that with each competition ,they gain more and more experience, better understand the limits of technical possibilities, so they believe all victories and podiums to be in the future.

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