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The Peterson League Opens Doors to Youth with Innovative Ideas

Nonprofit seeking initial funding for projects from youth ages 5-21


Colorado Springs, CO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/16/2015 --Recognizing that superheroes come in all shapes, sizes – and ages – The Peterson League is now accepting grant applications from innovators ages 5 to 21. Creating "self-directed agents of positive change," the recently launched nonprofit seeks to engage youth in projects focused on quality of life improvements for its first round of funding at

"When launching The Peterson League, we asked ourselves, 'how can we help everyone, from immediate impact to long-term quality of life improvement, in the most significant and permanent way possible?'" said Palyn Peterson, President, The Peterson League. "Most projects for kids are managed by adults, which can be a little disengaging. We want to create self-directed leaders who can make a real impact on the world today and in the years to come by solving important quality of life issues."

The organization's goals include empowering the next generation, bringing viable ideas to life to nurture creativity and innovation, creating ongoing generations of problem-solvers to ensure long-term success, and developing future leaders who are ready to tackle new challenges. The Peterson League will reach these goals by supporting youth who are engaging in community projects, new inventions, philanthropic ventures, innovative solutions, and creative-problem solving.

Grants are separated into age groups: Superheroes (ages 5-8), Rock Stars (ages 9-12), Game Changers (ages 13-17) and Young Entrepreneurs (ages 18-21), allowing the nonprofit to provide age-appropriate support. A kid-friendly application is available online.

"More and more, children and teenagers are the ones coming up with our world's most innovative ideas, and it's up to us—supportive adults—to provide these young problem-solvers with a platform to launch their ideas," states Jill Peterson, Secretary.

"Great ideas deserve to be nourished and encouraged from the beginning, rather than postponed until adulthood. We are thrilled to be able to support long-term positive change through a special league of our own," added Gene Kauppila, Board Member.

About The Peterson League
With a focus on kickstarting youth projects, The Peterson League provides grant opportunities to U.S. citizens ages 5 to 21. The organization is dedicated to nourishing the lives and minds of children and continually supporting the youngest generation's ideas for new innovations.

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