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The Positive Side Effect of Firing 112,000,000 Workers

Massive downsizing creates resurgence in the entrepreneurial spirit.


Knoxville, TN -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/05/2013 --According to the US Bureau of Labor & Statistics, the single fastest growing occupation today is that of “independent consultant.” From accounting, PR, IT or programming – to – HR, sales, leadership and management, millions of former knowledge workers have lost their jobs. They’ve also decided to never again depend on someone else for their livelihood. Instead, they are starting their own consulting businesses and selling their own intellectual capital and knowhow…direct.

Experiencing 84% growth, this occupation is increasing at nearly double the next closest job title. With over 80% of workers providing services rather than goods, we’re headed towards a free agent economy. Over the next five years 1,300,000 former employees will become entrepreneurs. As first timers, however, most will struggle with a wide variety of responsibilities and duties that they’ve never had to tackle before.

Veteran consultant expert and Bestselling author Jay Niblick’s new book, The Profitable Consultant – Starting, Growing and Selling your Expertise, (www.theprofitableconsultant.com - Foreword by Marshall Goldsmith) explores this trend and the issues these consultants will face. It is in direct response to the growth in independent consulting that Wiley & Sons has decided to dedicate a book catering exclusively to these independent consultants – their first in many years.

Says Jay Niblick, “The biggest problem new consultants face is figuring out how to succeed without a team around them. Imagine taking your current job and crafting an entire business around it. How do you replace your existing sales department’s work, your accounting department, marketing, legal, management, finance, customer support and everyone else in your company who helps accomplish the day-to-day operations. Failing to adequately appreciate and convert all of these other roles into a single job is the leading cause of failed start-ups.”

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Jay Niblick (www.jayniblick.com) is the founder and CEO of Innermetrix Incorporated (www.innermetrix.com), a consulting firm with offices on five continents. Considered an expert in entrepreneurialism, consulting, leadership, business coaching, sales and marketing, Jay has been a consultant and keynote speaker in 23 countries. He is the creator of The Attribute Index Diagnostic Profile (over 600,000 copies sold worldwide), and author of What’s Your Genius (St. James Press - Foreword by Anthony Robbins). He has coached thousands of independent consultants, and collectively, they have coached 10,000 corporations and 1,600,000 employees. Jay also sits on the Board of Directors at the Robert S. Hartman Institute – a think tank at the University of Tennessee dedicated to the study of decision-making.

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