The Puzzle Based Robot Funded in 48 Hours

ActivePuzzle is a robot-building game where blocks are puzzle pieces


Tel Aviv, Israel -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/04/2019 --ActivePuzzle, an innovative technology company that develops imaginative and educational products was funded on Kickstarter in just 48 hours. ActivePuzzle teaches STEM concepts, logic and problem-solving skills using puzzles-shaped robot blocks.

"Technology should be taught in a language children understand," said Meir Sela, the founder of ActivePuzzle. "I got together with a team of creative people who shared the same vision; we wanted to teach children technology using their own language, one that they learn before they even start talking... Puzzles!"

Expressing technology ideas using puzzles makes ActivePuzzle the world's simplest robot building game. The game doesn't rely on coding or computer screens — simply snapping puzzle pieces together forms robots, making ActivePuzzle a great platform for invention and innovation.

ActivePuzzle comes in the following sets:

- ActivePuzzle Invent ($145 US retail)

16 puzzle pieces included: LED, motor, buzzer, voltmeter, IR transmitter, light sensor, temperature sensor, proximity sensor, potentiometer, IR receiver, logic-not, logic-and, logic-or, insulator, wave and battery. Also included are one USB cable, one wheel and one propeller.

- ActivePuzzle Advanced ($175 US retail)

22 puzzle pieces included: LED, motor x2, buzzer, voltmeter, IR transmitter, light sensor, temperature sensor, proximity sensor x2, potentiometer, IR receiver, logic-not, logic-and, logic-or, insulator, wave, arduino, conductor, A2D and battery x2. Also included are one USB cable, two wheels and two propellers.

- ActivePuzzle School Lab ($1,220 US retail)

Included are 10 ActivePuzzle Advanced Kits and a digital curriculum pack for educators.

Each puzzle piece implements a certain function: the battery piece supplies electric power to the circuit, the proximity sensor "sees" objects, the motor drives a wheel or fan, etc. ActivePuzzle robots are based on the Braitenberg Vehicle principle: input pieces trigger adjacent output pieces. For instance, when a light sensor puzzle is connected to a motor puzzle, the motor will run faster as the light on the sensor gets more intense.

ActivePuzzle is for children aged 8+ and for those with young minds who want to build robots and to learn how they work. Additionally, educators can use ActivePuzzle to teach STEM: the game is very intuitive and simple to learn, and there are a large number of scientific and technological concepts that can be taught using ActivePuzzle. One important characteristic of ActivePuzzle is its being a gender-neutral game: the puzzle language makes girls feel natural and confident, and the game activities strengthen their self-efficacy.

Benefits of ActivePuzzle:

- Improves STEM skills (science, technology, engineering and math) while playing
- Develops computational thinking, along with logic and problem-solving skills
- Develops spatial cognition capabilities
- Encourages creativity and innovation
- A really fun game to all family!

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