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The Quest for the Perfect Party Dress Is over with the Wine Nights Collection of Quirky Cocktail Dresses


Dallas, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/10/2016 --Books & Ballads, an online fashion brand that is redefining casual chic has introduced the Wine Nights Collection and is live on Indiegogo raising funds to bring the project to life.

Books & Ballads releases new collections each season of pieces that are timeless, unique, and quirky. Their pieces are all about expressing an individual flavor of craziness- for the book lover, a cupcake addict, or a fan crazy about Pokemon. With the Wine Nights Collection, the company is on a quest for the perfect cocktail dress.

"The Wine Nights Collection was created to extend cocktail dresses to today's customers. Today's youth want quirky designs that are wearable and unique," says Preethi Viswanathan, founder and CEO,. "However, fashion, especially when it comes to cocktail dresses has been stagnant.They do nothing to reflect the uniqueness of the wearer. We're trying to change that by combining the comfort of casual fashion with our signature quirkiness to create something new"

The Wine Nights Collection is the company's first cocktail/ party dress collection. This collection features three unique pieces: the Wine Nights loose pants, Wine Nights two-piece dress and Wine Nights formal dress.

Cocktail dresses can be tricky. With Christmas, Valentine's and Easter arriving in rapid succession, there's a perennial excuse to buy party dresses. However, many cocktail dresses are designed for a different audience, a more formal audience. Typically, cocktail dresses are designed for a mature audience, making them too "safe" and "boring." Or, On the other end of the spectrum, you have dresses designed for a club, which are inappropriate for most occasions, especially work-related functions. The Wine Nights Collection overcomes these problems involving cocktail dresses by offering a high-quality, unique alternative to the traditional cocktail dress.

"With the holiday season arriving in three months, the need for the perfect party dress just got real. We all want something that stands out but blends in. And, a dress that flatters and conceals at the right places might be just the thing. The Wine Nights Collection is exactly that. We've worked on universally flattering cuts, a comfortable fit,"

The Books & Ballads Wine Nights Collection is currently live and available to support on Indiegogo:

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Books & Ballads is an online fashion brand that creates 'happy fashion'. With a focus on quirky, casual clothing, Books & Ballads brings original designs to customers at a price tag of $29-$99. The brand aims to redefine casual chic through its unique design aesthetic and seasonal collections.

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