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The Reason SEI Club's High Ethical Standards Attract Global Leaders

Integrity, selectivity key to SEI Club’s dating and matchmaking service’s success.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/17/2016 --SEI Club, the most exclusive dating and matchmaking service, with its long offline and online tradition of integrity, and its commitment to upholding high ethical standards, attracts and accepts the most elite singles in the world.

"One of the reasons that leaders, top notch professionals, billionaires and corporate CEOs trust SEI Club is that they know, from their experience that we treat all our members according to the strictest ethical standards and we demand the same from every member. Our mission, as stated on the SEI Club site, resonates with them enormously in everything they do and strive for," a spokesperson for the club said.

The club's executive team, which screens new applicants and creates portfolios of matches for members, is committed to protecting the privacy of members and treats every member with respect, and integrity. As SEI Club reviews confirm, members are able to feel safe that the information they provide will always be guarded, protected and held in the strictest confidence, and that every match the club offers will be exactly as described.

"Our reputation is paramount and the foundation of our success," the spokesperson said. "We offer matches with other members who we know will be compatible and between whom a relationship could form."

Because of the high profile of many members, the club also takes privacy very seriously, protecting the personal lives of members and ensuring that matches and introductions are handled with total discretion.

The club demands the same high standards from all its members, which is another reason it has found success, the spokesperson said. SEI Club reviews affirm that members have positive dating experiences through the club.

"Every applicant is screened very carefully. We examine not only the person's success and attractiveness, but also his or her ethics, morals and values. Only those who are truly able to meet the highest standards of character are accepted for membership."

Much of the screening process revolves around establishing character and a commitment to ethically correct behavior. One process the club uses is looking at how well applicants follow the "Golden Rule."

"We want to know if an applicant treats others the way he or she would like to be treated," the spokesperson said. "We've found that to be an excellent indicator of character and it helps us determine whether someone will be able to form a successful romantic partnership with one of our members." SEI Club reviews highlight that this approach pays dividends when the members participate in the club's dating services.

The goal of all of the screening is to ensure that each member is suited to find a relationship with another member, and able to be a true partner. The club prides itself on the way its matching system puts together members based on compatibility and shared values and goals, creating the potential for a lasting romantic attachment.

"Our members are the socially, financially and culturally elite," the spokesperson said. "But, what's more, they're also good people who uphold the highest standards of ethical behavior and make caring partners in a romantic relationship. Our screening process is based on all these mentioned criteria, and that is why our members trust us to help them find a relationship." Many members go on to find fulfilling relationships according to SEI Club reviews.

The matching process is designed to ensure that members meet compatible people and are able to establish a connection quickly. Because of the thorough screening, members are able to avoid some of the initial awkwardness of meeting a new person.

"Our members know that they're going to be meeting someone who has a similar background to themselves," the spokesperson said. "They don't have to worry about ulterior motives or about someone pretending to be something they aren't, because we've done the initial work and can vouch for each member's success and background. That can really speed up the connection process, because our members feel they can trust each other early on in the process."

That trust helps members bond quickly and find out about each other in a deeper way. Each match is arranged on the basis of the member's romantic preferences and dating goals, as well, meaning time isn't wasted because two people are searching for different things.

"Our members never have to worry about unsuitable matches," the spokesperson said. "We weed those out in advance and only connect members with others who share their interests, values and goals. That's why they turn to SEI Club, because they know we're committed to making the matchmaking and dating process smooth, luxurious and stress-free."

The club even handles arrangements for dates and introductions, eliminating that area of dating stress and allowing members to enjoy the process more fully. It also follows up on the meeting with both parties to ensure both had a positive experience and see if both would like to meet more in the future.

"All members have to do is show up and enjoy the process of meeting someone new," the spokesperson said. "We understand that our members are extremely busy and don't have time to spare, so we want to make sure that introductions and dating are as simple and enjoyable as possible."

All this is possible, the spokesperson said, because of the screening process and the extreme selectivity of the club. In all, less than 35 percent of those who apply are accepted for membership. That keeps the member pool strong and it ensures that every member meets the very highest standards. That, in turn, creates confidence among other members that they will only meet high quality singles who share their background and values. SEI Club reviews mention that members very much enjoy their dating experiences.

The reason behind the exclusivity and high standards is the club's commitment to its members and to customer service.

"Our members are people who expect the very best out of every aspect of life," the spokesperson said. "We pride ourselves on exceeding their every expectation when it comes to what a dating and matchmaking service can offer them. We know that our members take their integrity and ethical values seriously, so we do the same, and we always ensure that new members are held to the very highest standards."

Still at the end of the day, says a club spokesperson, "the only reason our high ethical standards attract global leaders and similar members is because they are drawn to those people and organizations that are like themselves. It makes the experience easier and far more enjoyable for everyone. That's what makes SEI Club the members' haven that it is."

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