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The Repair Stem Cell Institute Announces Its Alliance with Regen Medical, Pc, a Leader in Regenerative Medicine

ReGen Medical, PC will now be listed as one of RSCI’s 14 leading international stem cell treatment centers


Dallas, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/05/2014 --The Repair Stem Cell Institute (RSCI) – -- is pleased to announce its business alliance with ReGen Medical, PC ( of New York City, making it one of the 14 international stem cell treatment centers RSCI represents. The location on New York’s Park Avenue adds a very high profile visibility to RSCI’s commitment to education and services in the area of adult stem cell treatment.

ReGen Medical, PC was formed by Dr. Steven Victor to take a leading role in the field of regenerative medicine, which is a rapidly expanding set of innovative medical technologies that restore function by enabling the body to repair, replace, and regenerate damaged, aging, or diseased cells, tissues, and organs. Prominent among these technologies, Dr. Victor created a patented process, which yields millions of Stromal Vascular Fraction Cells, largely comprised of autologous (the patient’s own) adult stem cells. This patented technology is owned by IntelliCell BioSciences, of which Dr. Victor is the founder and CEO, and licensed by ReGen Medical to utilize for the treatment of patients. Because the use of autologous adult stem cells means that the donor and recipient is the same person, risk of rejection or adverse reactions is all but eliminated.

“We are especially pleased to be partnering with ReGen Medical,” states Repair Stem Cell Institute Founder and Chairman Don Margolis, “because of their impeccable record with clinical trials in the application of stem cell treatment to osteoarthritis, gingival gum regeneration, sports medicine injuries, and dermal treatments for burns and non-healing wounds.”

According to ReGen Medical PC founder Dr. Steven Victor, “ReGen Medical will also continue to the use of Stromal Vascular Fraction Cells in a number of other clinically relevant areas including hair loss, rheumatoid arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, ALS Disease, autism, and tinnitus among others.”

A full list of diseases stem cells can help can be found on the website of the Repair Stem Cell Institute, often called “The Voice of Stem Cell Science.” RSCI is the world’s only stem cell patients’ advocacy group and is committed to assisting people to make educated choices about their medical conditions and treatments. Stem cell treatment and science is now in the forefront of integrative medicine worldwide.

For more information about adult stem cells, stem cell treatment, diseases stem cells can help, and the top international stem cell treatment centers, the Repair Stem Cell Institute website offers a wealth of straightforward and unbiased information.

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